Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
September 18, 2013

War Eagles

As Mustang enthusiasts, many of us are drawn to the aircraft of the same name—the P-51 Mustang. Many Mustang shows have P-51s present so the road-going variant can be photographed with the winged horse. Alex Alba took the opportunity to do just that at the War Eagles Museum in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, with his '65 coupe (Alex's high school car back in the early '90s) and '87 GT. Though we love the early Mustangs as much as the next guy, we'll focus on Alex's GT. The El Paso-resident has practically converted the GT into a '93 Cobra by adding the requisite body mods, Bullitt wheels, a Saleen rear wing, and a five-lug conversion featuring disc brakes out back.

Switching Sides

Tony Kunkel's email address starts with MoparDude so maybe he's slowly moving over to the good side. This '96 GT is a good start. It's equipped with a Cobra front bumper cover, Cobra replica wheels, tinted headlights, and tinted side markers. On the performance side, Tony's GT features a C&L Performance upper intake and a BBK Performance throttle body. We're sure more mods are to follow.

Detroit Blast

Growing up in Detroit, John Andres learned to love and respect all sorts of muscle cars. His dad was a Chevy man and pretty much pushed John in that direction. Of course, like most kids, John rebelled against that notion, going in the opposite direction.

"I previously owned an '88 GT with T-tops, a 306, and a C4 trans," John said. "My dad didn't care much for it simply because it wasn't a Chevy." It's safe to say John's dad wouldn't be too happy about his current '93 coupe. Unfortunately, John's dad has passed on, and even though it wouldn't be his dad's first choice, John thinks he would've respected the work that went into it.

The notch was originally a four-cylinder car, but these days a 357ci Windsor with GT-40 heads, an Edelbrock intake, Holley 750 four-barrel carburetor, and long-tube headers fills the engine bay. It's backed up by an X-shape crossover pipe, a Tremec TKO 600, and a soon-to-be installed 150hp shot of NOS goodness. When the spray comes on board, John's gonna have a blast thanks to the TKO combined with 3.73 gears out back in the 8.8 rear with a spool.