1304 Restoration Questions April 2013 Trunk
Bob Perkins
September 17, 2013

Boss in Sealer

I'm an Aussie subscriber and recently read with interest the November 2012 Rare Finds about the '70 Boss 302 ("Original Owner Boss 302"). In particular, I noted the last comment in relation to the word "Boss" written in sealer in the trunk. I recently purchased a numbers-matching Boss 302 from the USA. During some minor work, I needed to remove the right-side rear interior panel and found the exact same thing! Written clearly in sealer is the word "Boss" (see photo). Was this done to all Bosses? Mine was built at the Metuchen, New Jersey, assembly plant.

Albert Sofia

I've seen the "Boss" lettering in the rear quarter area of several Boss 302s from both assembly plants. The worker who used his caulk gun rather than his finger in sound deadener was a little more creative than most. Nice detail in your lettering!

Staggered Shocks

I own a '70 Mach 1 with the 351 Cleveland and four-speed. In the Mustang Recognition Guide, it states that the Competition Suspension had staggered shocks on four-speed models (no mention of the engine). The Mustang Illustrated Fact Book, page 20, makes the same claim. My car does not have staggered shocks. I've viewed similar models at shows and have only seen them on 428 cars. My '71 convertible with a 351 Cleveland four-barrel, C6 automatic, and Competition Suspension has the staggered shock arrangement, so I know what it looks like. Is this one those cases where early Ford publications made a claim and it was changed before production?

Steve Gill
Via the Internet

For '70, it was typical production for the Boss 302, Boss 429, and 428 Cobra Jet/four-speed cars to have staggered rear shocks. Typical production for the 351/four-barrel/four-speed was no staggered shocks. But I have seen a few cars that ended up with staggered shocks (and/or reinforced shock towers) that were factory anomalies.

Mach Stripes

I have a '69 R-code Mach 1. The original color was Acapulco Blue. Most Mach 1s I have seen in this color have a gold stripe with white center, but some have a black stripe with gold center. Which is correct? Did the paint color dictate the stripe colors or did dealers and customers have a choice?

Kevin Mariani
Via the Internet

According to the '69 Mustang order sheet, the Acapulco Blue exterior had the option of gold with white (most common) or black with gold.

Emblems and Flush

I have two questions about my '70 Mach 1. I have purchased NOS "Mach 1" letters (emblems) for the trunk lid. However, I cannot get the paper backing (I'm not sure what it is—it has a green checkered appearance) to peel off to get to the adhesive. It seems to be dried out. Have you run into this problem before? Is there some way to remove the backing and reactivate the adhesive?

My second question regards maintenance of the cooling system in the same car. Restoration of the engine, radiator, etc. was completed a couple of years ago. Is it necessary to drain (or flush) the cooling system? The car has not been driven more than 100 miles in the last two years. If it should be drained and refilled, can you describe the steps you would take to do it? The car and engine are detailed at this point and I am concerned about splatter from the anti-freeze.

The old, green backing on NOS emblems is usually a struggle to remove. I use a razor blade to catch an edge to peel off. I also use a heat gun to soften the tape a little.

The cooling system should not need service for at least three years. If the coolant looks and tests good, I would not be concerned yet. When you do decide to flush and refill, remember that anti-freeze will stain paint.

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