June 18, 2013

As we crack into spring, you may be contemplating what to do and where to go with your muscle Mustang or fast Ford. It's never too early to think about the upcoming racing and show season, so we've planned our upcoming travel schedule months in advance. It's exciting to think about all the people we'll meet, the cars we'll see, and the places we'll go. Mustang events mostly take place in nice weather—it's a nice perk.

As the presenting sponsor of the Tremec True Street, a class we invented decades ago, our staff can be found at every NMRA event mixing it up with the racers and fans. We love the heads-up classes, cruising the car show and seeing all the manufacturers and parts in the midway. But our eye is always on True Street, and we plan to cover the class even more intently in 2013 and beyond. True Street is the everyman's heads-up class since there are really no specific rules in regards to what parts are legal (other than being Ford-powered and bodied, and of course being street-legal and safe).

True Street represents a vast cross-section of enthusiasts. A stroll through the pits exposes what many Ford owners do with their cars, especially those who love to pound the gas a quarter-mile at a time. If you need an idea for an upcoming build, you'll find plenty in the True Street crowd.

True Street has been around since 1993 and is one of the most popular heads-up classes. Why? It's just plain fun! You could end up in the magazine, and we have prizes for multiple winners per event. True Street is fun for the family, too. We allow you to take friends and family on the road tour, so all your peeps can participate. The overall winner gets $250, a giant 6-foot trophy, and the glory of being in MM&FF. The runner-up gets $100 and a cool plaque, as do the racers closest to e.t. brackets of 15.0, 14.0, 13.0, 12.0, 11.0, 10.0, and 9.0.

The True Street concept is simple: show up with a street-legal Ford with Ford power, pass the track's tech, and you can race. You then drive the 30-mile road tour and make three consecutive runs. We average your runs and blam-o, that's your score. Red lights don't matter but consistency pays off. Naturally, there are guidelines to follow (which you can find at www.nmradigital.com. The concept is to race your car in street trim so we don't allow you to pop your hood to tune or make repairs once the event starts. Nor can you refuel. This keeps the street in True Street.

At the upcoming NMRA Spring Break Shootout at Bradenton, Florida (March 7-10), we offer an added bonus in the Spring Break Shootout (SBS) class. There, the 16 quickest True Street racers run heads-up on Sunday (TS is classically run on Saturdays) for a huge purse!

The SBS is one of the most exciting eliminators of the year as it catapults the True Streeters into the spotlight along with the NMRA's heads-up superstars. In the shootout, racers can lift the hood and extract every ounce of power, without worrying about a street drive. It is perhaps the ultimate street-legal shootout anywhere.

Ladies Listen Up

Playing off the popular SBS class, we're holding the first-ever MM&FF All-Female Shootout at the 10th Annual NMRA Ford Nationals at Summit Raceway Park in Norwalk, Ohio, on June 14-16. MM&FF has a huge female following, so this should be a natural hit. We've already announced the event on our website www.muscle mustangfastfords.com, Facebook, and Twitter, and the response has been overwhelming.

Norwalk is a hotbed for Ford drag racing, as the Bader family knows the value and enjoys promoting and presenting awesome events. And as part of the MM&FF 25th Anniversary celebration and to celebrate 20 years of True Street, we're going to see exactly which lady can take the crown.

Like the SBS, the ladies will first run in True Street, then the quickest 16 will qualify for Sunday's All-Female Shootout. It will be an amazing event and will likely draw participants from all over the country. Plan to be in Ohio in June—we'll see you there.