June 16, 2013

All-Female Shootout
For the first time ever, MM&FF will hold an All-Female Shootout June 14-16 at the NMRA Ford Nationals at Summit Raceway Park. This is the first and only event of its kind, and ladies wishing to participate need only enter the MM&FF True Street class for a chance at fame and fortune. Once True Street is completed, we'll take the quickest 16 female racers (who complete the 30-mile drive and three runs) for the All-Female Shootout—a heads-up, showcase eliminator to be held Sunday.

We also announced it on Facebook and here are a few of the responses.

"Involving your girl with cars is a surefire way to be able to spend more money on your own two Mustangs. It works." —Jon Sparks
"I'll be there." —Elisa Coon
"Hmmm... sounds like a nice road trip!" —Tracy Mardis Keller
"Sign me up! I've been waiting for an event like this and it's my home track. Woo-hoo!" —Michelle Wingard
"This is awesome." —Carl McClellan
"Damn, why did I give up racing?" —Mary Coffey
"Ohio … road trip!" —Kim Little
"My silver 2000 GT supercharged six-speed is ready to go!" —Tracy Griffith
"I will be there running my '92 5.0! Such an awesome experience for female Mustang enthusiasts! Spread the word ladies! Let's make this event one to remember!" —Stephanie Davies
"Hell, yes! I'll have my '89 ready." —Tabitha Sizemore

Quotes and Comments
I own two Mustangs and have been a Ford man as long as I can remember, owning trucks and even a Pinto. I also worked for a Ford dealership at one time.

There is something that concerns Shelby GT500 owners (like me). What was Ford thinking (more sales?) taking the big-mouth front end on the Shelby and putting them on the '13 models? Some people paid a lot of money for that front end. When you see a big mouth coming at you, you think Cobra. Now, it could be a V-6 or a GT.

I am so troubled by this that I bought a Toyota truck instead of a F-150. (The truck is made in San Jose, so U.S. workers were paid, although by a Japanese company.) Is my Shelby GT500 still going to be worth something? I just need confirmation—I will not get rid of my Mustangs because of Ford's decision.

Robert Keller
Via email

Robert, all we can say is wow… get over it. Sure the styling is similar, but it's not identical, and most will agree the GT500 stands out over the base V-6 or GT. I've not heard complaints from other GT500 owners, but I'm not on every Internet forum either. You should be proud to own a GT500 and drive the wheels off it. With 500-662 hp (depending on which model), you can use your horsepower to show 'em who's boss.—Ed.

Odd Man Out?
I'm a recent subscriber (Aug. '12) and though your banner says "4.6 & 5.0 Power Source," it seems to me you feature late 5.0s and vintage 4.6s.

I have a '10 Mustang GT with a 4.6L. What is it with '10 GTs with the 4.6L V-8? It seems to be the bastard child of the Mustang family! The engine is more in line with the '05-'09s, except it's somehow different (more horsepower) akin to the '08-'09 Bullitt (except different?), but the body is more in line with the '11-'13s.

I guess when the new 5.0s came out everybody in the aftermarket forgot about the 4.6s! And to be honest with you, its kind of difficult to find performance parts geared specifically for the '10. Can you guys suggest budget "go-fast" mods (i.e., no supercharging)?

Ed Zaremba
Via email

Ed, all of the performance mods that worked on the '05-'09 GTs will work on your car. The best bang-for-the-buck mods are a cold-air intake, tune, and gears (3.73 or 4.10).—Ed.

We Want You!
If you've wanted your ride featured in MM&FF, here's your chance. Our editors are on the hunt for the hottest late-model Mustangs, Fords, and Mercs for My Muscle Mustang, Snap Shots, and full features. If you have a hot whip worthy of our pages, email a few high-resolution photos (no more than 5-7) to kristian.grimsland@sorc.com.

Here are some tips: Provide quality photos that are in focus and have a nice background. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number (yes, people actually send info and don't provide contact info), along with a short description of the car or truck. In a few sentences, explain what makes your project a good story. Note that we tend to like stuff that is modified/customized tastefully from front to back, unique, and with great visual impact.

Caption this PHOTO
MM&FF will send a set of MM&FF license plates to the lucky winner. Email all captions to kristian.grimsland@sorc.com.

Cobra Jet Mayhem

Ford Racing Performance Parts Cobra Jets have produced amazing action over the last few years. They've won national events, set NHRA national records, and were the first in the 8s in NHRA Stock Eliminator. Recently, Mike Harris of Harleysville, Pennsylvania created more attention when he nearly flipped his '13 CJ, while testing at Cecil County Dragway. "Honestly, I pumped the gas and shifted into Second, then I stayed into it until it came down. I was in the gas but it shot hard to the right," he explained. Moments after it contacted the right wall, it then careened across the track and hit the opposite wall. Thankfully, the CJ was engineered well and Harris walked away unhurt. The CJ is currently being fixed and will likely return to action at the NMRA opener in Bradenton, Florida, in March.

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