Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
February 1, 2013

As I’m writing this, we are in the second week of an online competition with one of our sister magazines, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords. Several months prior to this battle, Ford Motor Company wanted to pit Source Interlink’s four Mustang/Ford titles against each other to draw attention to the company’s Mustang Customizer online and mobile application.

The customizer allows users to create his/her own personalized Mustang based on the four current ’13 Mustang models available. That includes the V-6 model, the V-8–powered Mustang GT, the Boss 302, and the Shelby GT500. From there, you can change car color, graphics, hoods, wings, spoilers, mirrors, wheels, and more. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, you can save it in your Garage or challenge someone in a battle to earn points. There are also a number of merit badges to earn as well.

Ford is also choosing a number of Mustang builds and rewarding their owners with a real version of their build. There’s a link on the customer homepage to a video documenting the first Mustang winner. Ford is giving away four cars, the second of which will have been awarded by the time you read this.

In the three years that the Mustang Customizer has been running, Ford says more than 5 million cars have been created. I have built four thus far, selecting a very patriotic theme for the one I submitted on behalf of Modified Mustangs & Fords for the magazine melee. Though some may be put off by the blood red wheels, they go hand in hand with the red mirrors, roof panel, and wing that I selected from the Boss 302 Laguna Seca. Most race cars are similarly bright in color, no doubt to attract sponsors or reflect their sponsors’ colors.

With regard to the American Heritage Racer, I wanted the car to have a vintage, yet modern theme. In my opinion, there’s nothing more historic and long-standing than the colors of our great nation. And the red, combined with the blue Boss striping and white base color, are seemingly a perfect match for America’s ponycar. Being something more than just a color change to a present model, The American Heritage Racer package could conceivably be offered as an option for the Ford Mustang.

So that’s my pitch for selling you on my patriotic-themed Mustang. My other three designs include an SVT 20th anniversary edition covered in 1993’s Teal, a black Shelby GT500 striped in Ford’s super-bright Gotta Have It Green, and my personal favorite, a root beer brown Boss trimmed out in metallic beige. It’s a throwback design for sure, but it seems to work well on the latest Mustang. Obviously, I decided to enter something a little more mainstream, but this being a classic Mustang and Ford magazine, maybe the readers would have preferred the ’70s Shag edition over the American Heritage Racer. If you’ve got the time, feel free to take a look at all of them and let me know which one you like best. You can leave your comments on our Facebook page where we’ve posted about the contest.

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