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Category: features

Mustang Girl Monday: JoAnna Iacobelli's 2018 Mustang

JoAnna Iacobelli's lifelong Mustang obsession Read More

Category: features

Remembering Lido Anthony Iacocca

A look back at the life and times of Lee Iacocca. Read More

Category: engine

Starting an Engine for the First Time

Tips and tricks for firing up a new engine for the first time. Read More

Category: features

Over the Rainbow of Colors

Among the most interesting Ford special editions was the Rainbow of Read More

Category: events

28th Annual Ponies Under the Palms Coming November 24, 2019

The Mustang Club of West Central Florida is once again holding its Read More

Category: features

Grabbin’ Some Orange!

Vern Holden didn’t panic when his G.T. 500 wasn’t delivered as Read More

Category: features

Sometimes Less Is More

Tom Hasenberg’s 1969 Boss 302 proves that sometimes less is more. Read More

Category: features

Our Next Week to Wicked is Coming November 18th, 2019!

After two classic Mustang builds and an S197 we’re going to build Read More

Category: features

Vintage Mustang Tech Questions and Answers

Your vintage Mustang tech questions answered. Read More

Category: features

Vintage Mustang Concours Technical Questions Answered

MCA Authenticity Judge Bob Perkins answers concours Mustang questions. Read More

Category: features

There’s Gold in Them There Hills!

Buried Shelby treasure hidden from sight, high in the Blue Ridge Read More

Category: features

Canadian K-Code

Less than 1 percent of Mustangs had the coveted K-code engine, and Read More

Category: features

Hindsight: The Mexican Rally Mustang

This month’s Hindsight is a 1968 Mustang hardtop that raced in the Read More

Category: features

Reunited With a ’92 Mustang GT

Owned for 12 years and lost for 12 more, this time the ’92 Mustang Read More

Category: news

The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Ford Retiree and Mustang Enthusiast Kaywin Martin surprises three Read More

Category: features

Mustang Girl Monday 1965 Mustang

Bailey Phillips and her 1965 Mustang, a bright orange Power Tour Long Read More

Category: features

Mustang Girl Monday 2003 GT

Christy Taylor and her bright pink 2003 GT Read More

Category: events

Hot Rod Power Tour 2019, from Kentucky Onward to Ohio!

The stretch from Tennessee to Kentucky was filled with perfect weather Read More

Category: events

Car show day at the 2019 Mid America Ford and Shelby Nationals!

Scenes from the car show in Tulsa, OK during the 2019 Mid America Ford Read More

Category: events

Cruising at the 2019 Mid America Ford and Shelby Nationals!

Scenes from the Cruise Night in downtown Tulsa, OK during the 2019 Mid Read More

Launched in 1978, Mustang Monthly was the first magazine dedicated specifically to Mustangs. In fact, it was one of the first magazines to focus on a niche automotive market. Early on, Mustang Monthly covered '65-'73 Mustangs, primarily restoration. However, when the 5.0L Mustang's popularity spiked in the mid-1980s, late-model and new Mustangs were added to the mix. Today, in its third decade, Mustang Monthly covers everything from the earliest Mustang prototypes to the latest models from Ford, including specialty models like Saleen, Shelby, Roush, Steeda, and more.

Mustang Monthly focuses on four very popular and recurring subjects in the Mustang world: restoration, maintenance, performance upgrades, and the increasing popularity of the late-model Mustang in the Mustang hobby.

Mustang Monthly is the only magazine that covers vintage Mustang restoration every single month; primarily for the '65-'73 cars, but also for the iconic '79-'93 Fox-body Mustangs. All older Mustangs require some type of restoration, whether it's a weekend engine compartment refurbishment or a full-scale restoration, and Mustang Monthly covers it all with tips, tricks, and step-by-step how-to content.

Repairs are a fact of life for owners of older Mustangs and even late-model Mustangs that see daily driving abuse. Mustang Monthly shows readers how to keep their cars on the road, running smooth, and maintain reliability with content about common maintenance needs.

While Mustang Monthly focuses on restoration, we don't overlook the popular restomod movement for the vintage Mustang owner, in which vintage Mustangs maintain the factory appearance but enhance the driving experience with modern equipment such as power windows, upgraded stereos, overdrive transmissions, and fuel-injected late-model drivetrains.

Late-model Mustangs are popular with our readers, primarily the '79- '04 models and now the new '05-'14s. The new Shelbys and specialty models from Ford, such as the '01 Bullitt and '03-04 Mach 1 and Cobra, and others, are particularly popular with our readers due to their collectible status and low production numbers. We cover all of the popular performance and appearance modifications, focusing mainly on bolt-ons that our readers can perform in their own garage or driveway.