Jim Smart
March 15, 2011

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Mump_1103_21_o How_to_maximize_drum_brakes Brake_bleeding
Brake bleeding isn't something you do once. When you install new brake hydraulics or open the system, expect pockets of air to remain after that initial bleeding. Although many people bench-bleed master cylinders prior to installation, you can do this on your Mustang. Begin bleeding at the farthest point away from the master cylinder, then do it several times until you have a firm pedal.

New Mustang Drum Brakes & Parts

Currie Enterprises, known mostly for rear axles and parts, is also a source for complete drum brake assemblies and parts. We're talking drums, shoes, hardware, hydraulic parts, backing plates, and more. Buy it all piece meal or order complete assemblies ready for installation. For approximately $350 per pair including drums, you can replace your classic Mustang's drum brakes with all-new brake assemblies.