Jim Smart
October 1, 2008
Photos By: Ron Bramlett

Project Reclaim from Mustangs Plus and The Restomod Shop is a remarkable source of inspiration at Mustang Monthly. It's a "risen from the ashes" success story that has proven to us that nearly any classic Mustang can be saved from the crusher given optimism, talent, and money. For nearly two years, we've shown you how to not only save a wrecked and rusty Mustang from the scrap pile, but also how to build a dreamy-eyed classic Mustang fastback from scratch.

Ron Bramlett of Mustangs Plus and general manager Bill Faull discussed Project Reclaim's stopping strategy. Both realized that Reclaim needs high-performance power disc brakes in all four corners for street-friendly, effective stopping. So this month, we're going to fit Project Reclaim with world-class Force 10 Tri-Power disc brakes from Stainless Steel Brakes, which are available from Mustangs Plus.

Stop Dead Gorgeous
These are rear Force 10 three-piston disc brakes designed for large-bearing 9-inch Ford axles, so don't expect them to bolt right onto an 8-inch. However, if your Mustang sports a bulletproof 9-inch housing with big bearings designed for full-sized Fords, these are the binders for you. We like the red powdercoated aluminum calipers with 30mm pistons and unidirectional 13-inch rotors. On the inside is a Ford Explorer-style drum parking brake, which holds much better than caliper parking brakes. All the hardware is included.

Part number: A110-15
Retail price: $1,935
Minimum wheel size: 17 inchesLarge-bearing 9-inch Ford axle onlyThree 30mm pistons
Colors available: blue, black, yellow, orange, red, silver, polished13x1.125-inch unidirectional slotted rotors5x4.5- and 5x4.75-inch bolt patternsXtra Life Plating for corrosion protectionStainless steel components for long lifeCadmium-plated Grade 8 hardware