Jim Smart
January 1, 2008

Michelle Holstien is not the average 27-year-old. Her Mustang is older than she is. What's more, she did something unconventional in the eyes of a hard-core purist-she modified a genuine G-code '70 Boss 302. Regardless of which side of the fence you're on, it's one of the nicest Boss 302 Mustangs we've ever seen; it's tastefully modified with easily reversible components.

Underhood is a warmed-up Boss 302 with a Bud Moore induction system. Michelle had the moxie to walk up to Bud at the Carlisle All-Ford Nationals and ask him if it was the right plenum for her car. He agreed and chatted with her for a few minutes before signing more autographs.

Because safety is more important to Michelle than authenticity, she decided to contact Baer Brakes about a set of Baer Claws to fit inside her 15-inch Mini Lite wheels. We're going to show how to install them.

Brake Hydraulics
There are a couple of options when it's time to choose Baer brake hydraulics. Baer can provide a late-model dual master cylinder in cast aluminum to give a Mustang better brakes and good-looking hydraulics; another option is manual or power-assisted hydraulics. Baer also includes steel brake lines for convenience.

We suggest a Baer master cylinder and adjustable proportioning valve for best results. Some applications will not permit the Baer master cylinder or power-assist due to clearance issues. For those who desire a stock appearance, stick with the iron master cylinder.

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