Miles Cook
January 30, 2007

Styled Steel wheels, offered as an option on '65-'67 Mustangs, provide a timeless classic appearance that looks great on any vintage Mustang. The trouble is, they've mostly been available in only the original 14-inch diameter, limiting tire choices. Some 15-inch versions are available, but tire choices are still limited.

These days, 17 inches is a default diameter for wheels in numerous automotive applications. California Pony Cars' NXT-Generation wheel division has combined a true favorite with the Styled Steel design available in a 17-inch size. It's the best of both worlds for those interested in a larger wheel diameter than the typical 14 or 15 inches.

In addition to the 17-inch Styled Steel wheels, CPC also offers several other choices for most eras of Mustang production, including the '05-'07 models. The options include a standard 14x6-inch variation of the classic Shelby 10-spoke style, two versions of a 17x8-inch Shelby 10-spoke, and two widths of a 20-inch Styled Steel, designed for use on an '05-'07 Mustang.

For all the details and fitment possibilities, check out the photos and captions. If you want to order any of the wheels shown here, Autoworks International, a Southern California distributor, has them available.