Miles Cook
May 1, 2006

Installing front disc brakes ranks among the most popular upgrades for vintage Mustangs. We've covered the subject several times over the years and with good reason. From a pure safety standpoint, converting to front disc brakes is just about the single best improvement option.

This time we're looking in on a Master Power system as it's installed on a '67 Mustang. However, we're going beyond the installation of front disc brakes; we're detailing the conversion to power brakes as well. By adding Master Power's booster system, which includes the brake booster, a dual-reservoir master cylinder, and a power-brake pedal, we'll have better braking as well as a better feel.

While doing the whole setup at once is a great way to go, keep in mind that there are several options. If your '67-'73 Mustang already has manual front-disc brakes, you can convert to power brakes. Conversely, if you have manual drum brakes and want to do the power-brake conversion first, that's also possible. However, we recommend doing the disc brakes first and the power brakes later should you need to budget out the project over time. The power booster will work equally well with drum brakes or front discs. Master Power also offers complete power-disc kits for '65-'66s that came with manual drum, power drum, or manual disc.

We turned to our friends at Mustang Country International who supplied the installation know-how as well as the '67 Mustang subject car.