Dale Amy
April 1, 2005

In the December '04 issue, we took the Classic Design Concepts '69 Mach 1, lowered it, and swapped out its 14-inch stock footwear in favor of 17x8 Torq-Thrust II rims mounting modern radial rubber. This month, the adequate, but not athletic, factory front disc/rear drum brakes will be banished and replaced by more capable four-wheel discs from Baer Brake Systems.

George Huisman's latest toy is a '69 Royal Maroon 351 Mach 1. George is the guy who signs all the checks at Classic Design Concepts, and he's utterly irrepressible when it comes to personalizing his Mustangs-old or new. Last time, a Street Bandit handling/lowering kit from National Parts Depot, teamed with 17-inch Torq-Thrust II rims, made for a serious personality makeover on his small-block Mach. This month we'll improve the view behind those American Racing rims with some dinner-platter fore and aft discs from Baer Brake Systems.

Because George is, well, George, he chose not just any of Baer's binders, but the road-course-ready Track/Touring Claw kits, with one-piece drilled, slotted, and zinc-washed rotors. Will the Mach ever see a racetrack? Not likely, but it will give change back from the proverbial dime on any street stops. With George at the helm, that's a good thing.

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