Wayne Cook
July 30, 2007
Photos By: The Manufacturers

Radir Classic
The Radir [(866) 334-3470; www.radirwheels.com] Tri Rib III wheel features a one-piece design and heat-treated T6 aluminum construction. It also has extra webbing around the lug-nut holes for additional strength. The wheel is available with a satin center and polished lip, as a fully polished wheel, or chrome-plated by special order. Choose an optional bullet-cone center or from three different spinners. Radir wheels exceed all SFI 5.1A standards. Tri Rib III sizes range from 14x6 to 15x10, with the 15x8 size costing $289.

Styled Steel Deal
Scott Drake [(702) 853-2060; www.scottdrake.net] is the world's largest manufacturer of reproduction parts for classic Mustangs. The company's products are available through most Mustang-parts retailers, distributors, and restoration shops. Scott Drake has two entries in the Styled Steel wheel market-the original 14-inch size as well as a 15-inch version. We found a set of the 15x7 wheels for $625 per set..

Vintage Fine
The Vintage 40 wheel from Vintage Wheel Works [(951) 296-0110; www.vintagewheel works.com] is a cast-aluminum wheel with straight spokes. The center spokes are media-blasted, and the outer barrel is machined or polished aluminum. This wheel is made from virgin 356-aluminum ingots and heat treated to a T6 factor. The size range for the V-40 wheel is 15x4 to 17x11; the center cap and lug nuts are included. The price for a 17x7 size is $279.95.

Cobra Classics
Team III Wheels' [(510) 895-8880; www.team3wheels.com] AC III is one of the best-looking bolt-on wheels made for Cobra replicas. The AC III comes standard with a polished-aluminum rim and light, matte-finished aluminum centersection. The two-piece construction allows the offset to be varied in manufacturing by moving the center forward or backward before final welding. This allows you to order wheels that will position your tires perfectly in the fenderwells. The finished wheel is lightweight and comes complete with lugs and valve stems, ready for tire installation. An authentic-looking three-ear knock-off center is available in polished or matte finish at extra cost. Wheels are available in most five-lug bolt patterns. A fully polished 17x8 AC III wheel costs $530.

Simply Legendary
Weld Racing [(800) 488-9353; www.weldwheels.com] recently introduced its new Rod and Custom line of forged-aluminum wheels. The Legend wheel shown here is just one in a series of 12 designs ranging in size from 15x4.5 to 20x16. Forged from aerospace alloys, the quality wheels polish to a brilliant shine and resist tarnish. Wheels narrower than 6 inches are one-piece hot forgings from 6061 primary aerospace aluminum. Wheels 6 inches and wider are two-piece forgings that are light, strong, and 100-percent CNC-machined. The excellent quality shows in both appearance and durability.

Wheel Vintiques
One of the most popular billet-aluminum wheels offered by Wheel Vintiques [(559) 251-6957; www.wheelvintiques.com] is the 88 Series Billet Lakester. This wheel is now available in a wider-than-ever variety of diameters and widths. With its polished-aluminum rim, "kidney bean'' slots, and reinforcing ribs, the Billet Lakester combines classic good looks, rugged construction, and popular sizing. With sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inches in diameter, this wheel is offered in a wide variety of rear-spacing options. The 16x8 Billet Lakester has an MSRP of $604.66.