Wayne Cook
July 30, 2007
Photos By: The Manufacturers

Star Of The Show
The new Street Smart line of wheels from Billet Specialties [(800) 245-5382; www.billetspecialties.com] is designed to deliver big style and quality at an affordable price. This beautiful Street Star wheel features two-piece welded construction, forged billet-aluminum centers, and caps with spun-aluminum outer rims. Street Smart wheels in sizes 15x6 through 17x8 are in stock and ready to ship. Special-order sizes begin at 15 inches and go to 20 with varying backspacing. Choose the size that best fits your car because sizes 16x8 and 17x8 both list out at $420 per wheel.

Many manufacturers offer more than one style of wheel center or spinner, allowing you to give your wheels a whole different look just by adding a different center cap-choosing whether to expose or block the lug nuts, have a flat-nose or bullet-nose center cap, and so on.

Junk Yard Dog
The Junk Yard Dog Wheel from Boyd Coddington Wheels [(888) 254-3400, www.billetwheel.com] is one of the Coddington Classic Collection. Junk Yard Dog wheels are created using polished, cast centers mated to rolled-lip outers. This modern yet classic five-spoke wheel looks good on both musclecars and hot rods, and is available in sizes ranging from 15x6 all the way up to 20x10. A JYD wheel in the 17x8 size has a retail price of $398.64.

Tall Ten Spoke
California Pony Cars' [(909) 923-2357; www.calponycars.com] famous Shelby Ten Spoke wheel comes in both 14x6 and 17x8 sizes. The Ten Spoke rim was originally offered as an option on '66 Shelby Mustangs. These Ten Spoke wheels feature aluminum construction and have face-cut spokes that highlight the intricate casting. The new 17-inch wheels benefit from modern technology while maintaining a close likeness to the original Shelby wheel. The 17x8 Ten Spoke is manufactured to be a direct bolt-on for '65-'73 Mustangs. The wheels in natural grey list for $1,295 a set, while the black are $1,395 per set. California Pony Cars also have 17- and 20-inch versions of the famous Ford Styled Steel wheel.

On Center
The beautiful Centerline [(800) 345-8671; www.center linewheels.com] Champ 506 is a recent offering, manufactured to the highest tolerances using T6061 aluminum and completed to a high polish mirror finish. The two-piece wheel is rotary forged for awesome strength, rated for a 1,625-pound load capacity. The wheel is available in 17x7, 17x8, 17x9.5, 18x8, and 18x9.5 sizes. We found the 17-inch-diameter Champ 506 wheel for $429.95.

Factory Transplant
The Charcoal Grey Special Edition Mustang GT wheel from Ford Racing Performance Parts [(800) 367-3788; www.fordracingparts.com] is one of the best-looking wheels ever offered by the factory, and now it's a simple matter to install these late-model Mustang rims on your early car. Offered in black, silver, gray, and chrome, the gray is PN M-1007-J178 and is a smoking deal at just $145 per wheel.

This adapter kit is available at National Parts Depot [California, (800) 235-3445; Michigan, (800) 521-6104; N. Carolina, (800) 368-6451; Florida, (800) 874-7595; www.nationalpartsdepot.com]. It allows quick and safe installation of the late-model Mustang GT wheel.