Brad Ocock
May 1, 2000
Here's the rear disc brake kit from TNT Motorsports.

If there's one universal truth in hot rodding, it's that going fast is cool. But stopping fast is better. We worked with TNT Motorsports in Houston, Texas, to develop a bolt-on rear disc brake kit for two-wheel-drive Dodge Dakotas, based off of their existing 4x4 rear disc kit. If the name TNT sounds familiar, then you've been paying attention to what goes on in the Viper circles-not only does TNT manufacture a host of go-faster goodies for Vipers, but they hold the world's fastest quarter-mile time in a Viper with a 9.67 second pass at 148 mph.

The kit comes complete with new, custom two-piece rotor assemblies, single-piston floating calipers, new rubber brake hoses, new wheel studs, and all the hardware needed to install them.

The kit is fairly straightforward, but it's not for the beginner. While the rear disc kit installed with the prototype 4x4's stock five split-spoke wheels, it didn't clear the solid spoke aluminum wheels on our truck, necessitating new wheels and tires. Both styles of factory wheels are cast aluminum 15-inch wheels. We don't know what the difference is on the inside surface behind the spokes, but something was different, because the calipers didn't clear on our stock wheels.

The rotors, as they usually come from TNT, are a vented design with solid non-drilled surfaces, but we had them drilled to match the Stillen Sport Rotors we installed a few months ago on the front of the truck.