Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
October 1, 2009

Stainless Steel Brakes Corp.
SSBC has always been popular with the street rod and muscle car market, and the company is also a strong supporter of the late-model musclecar as well. SSBC offers two-, three-, and four-piston calipers for the late-model Mustang, and eight piston calipers for Ford trucks. SSBC also sells a host of rotor options and fitments. Front brake upgrades are available as are matching rear systems, and the calipers can be finished in a number of powdercoat colors or aluminum finishes.

Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation
11470 Main St.
Clarence, NY 14031

Steeda Autosports sells a number of aftermarket braking systems for '79-'09 Mustangs, and while it offers kits from Ford Racing, Baer Brakes, and Wilwood, it specializes in Brembo components.

MM&FF has worked the Steeda big brake kits on many of Steeda's Q cars, and they've always impressed us. For the '94-'04 Mustangs, Steeda offers the FRPP/Brembo/Cobra R brake upgrade, while the S197 Mustang gets a bump to larger four-piston calipers and 14-inch two-piece front rotors with floating hats. DOT-legal stainless steel brake lines, mounting brackets, hardware, and brake pads are also included. Steeda also offers a 13-inch rear rotor upgrade for the S197 Mustang.

Steeda has also designed this kit with the proper piston sizes for compatibility with the sensitive S197 Mustang anti-lock brake system. Steeda tells us that improper sizing can lead to ABS malfunction, as well as increased stopping distances, which defeats the purpose of adding bigger, better brakes.

For the '07-'09 Shelby GT500, Steeda offers a six-piston Brembo brake upgrade that bolts right up to your supercharged steed. While Ford and Shelby did a great job with the GT500 Mustang, increased performance under the hood should be complemented with better brakes at the corners. Steeda also carries a full assortment of braking components, including lines, rotors, Hawk pads, brake ducting, quick-release pins, and numerous other parts.

Steeda Autosports
1351 NW Steeda Way
Pompano Beach, Fl 33069

Stillen/AP Racing
For the late-model Mustang, Stillen carries the AP Racing line of braking components. Systems for the '94-'04 Mustang include four-piston aluminum calipers, and various one- and two-piece brake rotors. Stillen also offers Goodridge stainless-steel brake lines and Mintex brake pads.

Those that are behind the wheel of an S197 Mustang get to choose from the standard four-piston AP Racing setup, or if the need is there, they can upgrade further to the AP Racing six-piston calipers, which utilize 14.25-inch rotors. Complementing the big front brake kit is an available rear kit that uses AP's four-piston calipers, and includes a parking brake as well. All calipers are offered in either red or black, and every brake kit is designed to work with the original equipment master cylinder, ABS, and traction control systems.

3176 Airway Ave.
Costa Mesa, Ca 92626

Vintage Venom
Though not a manufacturer of high-performance brake systems, Vintage Venom has cornered the market on fitting your Mustang with the latest in Ford braking systems. The company started out with fitting late-model brakes to vintage Mustangs, but now also offers adaptor kits to fit Fox-body and SN-95 Mustangs with the four-piston calipers and 14-inch front rotors from the '07-up Shelby GT500. With big brakes come big clearance needs, so you'll need to pony up for some 18x9.5-inch wheels with a 45mm backspacing.

Vintage Venom L.L.C.

Wilwood Disc brakes has been in the braking business for over 30 years, and it offers braking systems and components for '79-to-present Mustangs. The company's DynaPro and DynaLite systems are available in street, open-track, and drag configurations, with rotors ranging in size from 10.75 inches to over 13 inches. Wilwood can provide you with everything from the the prop valve and lines to the calipers and pads. Calipers are available in various colors, as well as a polished finish.

Wilwood Engineering
4700 Calle Bolero
Camarillo, Ca 93012