Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
October 1, 2009

Known all over the world for its championship-winning performances, Brembo brake systems have been used on everything from factory production cars to the pinnacle of automobile racing-Formula 1. The company's extensive racing resume should tell you why the OEMs rely on Brembo brake systems to slow down their high-performance models.

For the late-model Mustang, Brembo has worked with Ford on numerous occasions on various SVT and high performance applications, and they also supply a lot of aftermarket companies with private label braking systems as well. Brembo's Gran Turismo system is available in various configurations for '94-and-up Mustangs, and the company also offers numerous sport upgrades including high-performance pads and rotors.

Brembo Performance North America Inc.
1586 Sunland LN.
Costa Mesa, Ca 92626

Ford Racing Performance Parts
FRPP offers numerous brake options for the '79-'09 Mustangs in its performance parts catalog. The popular 2300-K brake kit features the '95 Cobra R brake system, and includes everything one needs to install it on a Fox Mustang. Beyond that, FRPP offers the '00 Cobra R front brake kit upgrade for '94-'04 Mustangs, and you can also beef up your S197 Mustang with a set of GT500 front brakes. FRPP also offers the Focus SVT brake system as an upgrade for regular Focus owners. It's hard to beat factory equipment for fit, finish, and replacement parts availability, not to mention its competitive pricing in the market.

MPS Auto Salvage
While it doesn't offer brand new components, MPS Auto Salvage does offer used and reconditioned brake upgrades for most all late-model Mustangs. MM&FF has utilized MPS's services on numerous occasions to upgrade various projects, and there are several benefits to using them. Most all of the upgrades utilize factory Ford components, which has the added benefits of extensive engineering and readily available replacement parts, and MPS can also provide you with spindles, calipers, brackets, bolts, axles, rotors, and whatever else you may need for your upgrade-all of which come at a very reasonable price. Whether you have a V-6 Mustang, LX, or a GT model, MPS has an upgrade for you.

MPS Auto Salvage
592 Barrow Park Dr.
Winder, GA 30680

Roush Performance
MM&FF has had the pleasure of testing numerous performance vehicles from Roush, and the ones that come with the big brake packages never fail to impress-both from aesthetic and performance standpoints.

Roush offers several front brake upgrades, including a two-piston PBR caliper brake upgrade, as well as a four-piston Alcon caliper setup, for '94-'04 Mustangs. The two-piston PBRs use a 13-inch rotor, while the four-piston binders step up to 14-inch discs.

For the S197 Mustang, Roush offers a pair of front brake upgrades that start with the 14-inch rotor/four-piston caliper setup, which is the performance option on the majority of Roush vehicles. The limited edition Roush Track Pak Mustang, however, was graced with further braking improvements in the form of forged aluminum six-piston calipers. The highly rigid six-piston front calipers are said to provide a better pedal feel under extreme braking conditions, and offer better distribution of braking force, eliminating radial pad taper. The six-piston design and larger-than-OEM pads provide for lower pad temperatures and better pad life. Stainless steel brake lines are part of the kit, and boost pedal firmness and braking response. Roush complements the Track Pak brake kit with its rear slotted rotor kit. Roush also sells the majority of its braking kit components separately, and they carry Hawk brake pads for those that need a little more grip than a stock-style pad.

Roush Performance Products