Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
October 1, 2009

Everyone wants to go faster. That's the whole idea behind hot-rodding a vehicle. Our competitive nature nags for speed-more than the guy in the lane next to you-but from a vehicle systems point of view, adding more horsepower leaves deficits in other areas of the car, such as the cooling, suspension, and braking systems.

Road racers know the inherent value of a good set of brakes, as any improvement in this area equates to faster lap times and more reliable equipment-both of which helps win races or, at the very least, improve on-track performance. That being said, a better set of brakes can make your car go faster. It can also increase vehicle safety by allowing you to stop shorter and more often without the brakes fading.

When considering a braking system upgrade for your vehicle, there are a number of questions that you should ask yourself and the potential brake company that you are thinking of purchasing from. Many big brake kits require larger wheels than what you may be currently running, and some require different offset wheels to clear the larger calipers. Compatibility with anti-lock braking systems is also something to consider as a poorly designed system can actually make the braking performance worse, if the computer does not react properly. Some systems incorporate a parking brake and some don't, so be sure to ask with regard to your application.

You'll also want to be honest and upfront about your plans for the brakes. Just because you buy the biggest multi-piston calipers on the market doesn't mean they'll haul your 4,000-pound car down from 200 mph 20 times in a row. Brake pad and rotor design plays a huge roll in allowing the calipers to work efficiently. Come up with a real and valid assessment of what your intended use is and then talk with the manufacturers to get you set up with the right brake pad compound, rotor design, and caliper requirement. As with everything else, it pays to be a smart and informed shopper when it comes to purchasing something as important as brakes. Talk to several manufacturers if you have the option and see what they recommend. Such conversations may bring up things that you may not have considered during your initial planning.

For the late-model Mustang crowd, there's an upgrade for every Mustang from 1979 to present, and sometimes more than one per model. We've done most of the legwork by gathering nearly every company that offers an upgrade for your Mustang, and giving you the short list of details. From here, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly to help decide what is right for you and your car.

Aerospace Brakes
Aerospace Components offers numerous brake upgrades for both open track and drag strip-bound Mustangs. The company specializes in billet aluminum calipers and manufacturers its own special rotors as well. The company offers both two- and four-piston caliper systems and offers bolt-on front brake kits for '79-to-present Mustangs. In addition to the five-lug kits, Aerospace is also one of the few companies that offer upgrades for four-lug Fox body applications.

Aerospace Components
2625 75th St. North
Saint Petersburg, Fl 33710