Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
July 17, 2012

The common disc brake upgrade for drum-brake-equipped classic Mustangs is a time-tested upgrade that offers great results, both in performance and safety. The aftermarket now offers a steady stream of improvements in this area, and saves you from having to find the upgrade in the boneyard, which is becoming an ever-more-difficult proposition. As our project '66 Mustang fastback is going well beyond the factory performance envelope in every aspect, Colt of Personality's braking system must be equally impressive to handle the increased performance of the chassis and drivetrain.

To that end, we called Wilwood Engineering in Camarillo, California, to discuss our requirements and options. Knowing that we would be going with an 18-inch–diameter wheel allowed us to stuff some serious rotor behind the hoops. With that in mind, and knowing full well that we intended to drive the Mustang as hard as possible, Wilwood set us up with its big-brake front system that comes with massive 14-inch, two-piece rotors, and Wilwood's forged-billet SL6R calipers. For the rear end, a set of 12.90-inch rotors with SL4R calipers will complement the front setup.

Wilwood now offers an integrated parking brake system in its rear big- brake kits and we opted to take full advantage of that. The parking brake resides inside the rotor hat, which doubles as a drum. This setup is available for standard big-bearing rearends, but we were planning on running a full floater rearend in the Mustang. Wilwood saw the necessity for this type of application within the Pro Touring scene, and makes the required changes to the rotor hats to allow it to work with the floater hubs.

In this article, we cover the installation of the front brake system, and give you an overview of Wilwood's latest rear brake setup. We'll be bringing you a complete rear brake installation in an upcoming issue once we have the rearend, and we'll also address the master cylinder installation, which may prove to be tricky with our much wider DOHC 5.0L powerplant.

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