October 2, 2009

Vintage Venom
Vintage Venom is a company that has latched on to the appeal of pairing modern OEM brakes/wheels with a classic chassis, and done something about it. With a myriad of packages to help put SN-95 Cobra discs on the front, back, or both ends of the '65-'73 Mustang and other closely related sibs, the customer need only decide how much of the Cobra brakes they want to procure themselves. Vintage Venom can supply anything from basic adapter kits, to the whole enchilada. A minimum of 17-inch wheels are necessary to accomplish the swap (15-inch for the rear), which is specifically designed to locate a SN-95 spec 8-inch wide rim perfectly between the control arm and the fender lip.

Bucking the "vintage" portion of the company name, a more recent addition to its product lineup is a hardware kit that adapts S197 GT500 front brakes to '94-'04 Mustangs. Designed to use a GT500 18x9.5-inch rim, or equivalent, at all four corners, track testing on Vintage Venom's '03 Mach 1 has demonstrated an impressive 50 percent reduction in brake temps when compared to the stock Cobra-spec binders.

Sample pricing direct from Vintage Venom:
'65-'73 Mustang, front brake bracket/hardware kit to adapt SN-95 Cobra brakes, $300
'94-'04 Mustang, front brake bracket/hardware kit to adapt S197 GT500 brakes, $395

Vintage Venom
(248) 942-2486

Both old timers and newcomers will be familiar with the name Wilwood, as the company has been a mainstay in the high performance brake industry for more than 30 years. Offering everything from featherweight drag racing systems to hard-core road race products, Wilwood disc brakes are available for both classic and late-model Mustangs--either in package form, or as individual components for custom applications.

It's worthwhile to point out that Wilwood is more than a brake manufacturer, for they build a variety of other race car components to include clutch slave cylinders, quick release steering hubs, brake/clutch pedal assemblies, Mustang II architecture spindles, and more. The Wilwood brake lineup casts a wide net for classic and late-model Mustangs, and includes a variety of rotors and calipers--Dynalite (billet four-piston), Dynapro 4 and 6 (billet four- or six-piston), Superlite (billet six-piston) and monstrous W6A (forged six-piston) calipers.

Sample pricing from Summit Racing:
'65-'73 Mustang, Dynalite 12.19-inch/four-piston rear disc kit (140-7143), $648.95
'94-'04 Mustang, Superlite 14-inch/six-piston front kit (140-9117), $1,828.95

Wilwood Disc Brakes
(805) 388-1188