October 2, 2009

If it's tremendous stopping power you want, you'll get it with Stoptech's "Big Brake Kits" for Mustangs from '79-'09. Carefully engineered to maintain a balanced brake system, Stoptech calipers use different piston sizes within the same caliper family depending on the vehicle and rotor size of the application.

Fox Mustangs must use a SN-95 spindle to take advantage of Stoptech brakes, but then the offerings are much the same as the '94-'04s, meaning two front kits featuring the ST-40 four-piston caliper. Both 13- and 14-inch two-piece rotors are offered for this application, with caliper pistons sized for optimal brake torque. Stoptech S197 systems are offered with either four-piston or six-piston calipers--the latter with as much as a 15-inch rotor.

Sample pricing from Maximum Motorsports:
'94-'04 Mustang, two-piece 13-inch/four-piston front brake kit, $2,195
'05-'09 Mustang, two-piece 14-inch/four-piston front brake kit, $2,595

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Street Or Track, LLC
We always enjoy running across enthusiasts who have parlayed their interest in Mustangs into a successful business. Such is the case with Shaun Burgess, who founded Street or Track in 2003 with the debut of his adjustable strut rods for early Mustangs. Since then, more products have followed, including pertinent braking systems for '65-'73 Mustangs and similar classic Fords. Like several others, Street or Track has structured its brake products around readily available and effective '94-'04 Cobra Mustang calipers, while specific engineering has created a unique product line that could be just the ticket for your particular application.

Perhaps the biggest appeal to Street or Track brakes is the ability to run either SN-95 or vintage style 17-inch or larger wheels in conjunction with Cobra brakes--without using wheel spacers. Period-looking rims such as the popular Torque Thrust II require spacers when using a stock Cobra rotor due to the shallow hat offset of the SN-95 disc. Street or Track solved this dilemma by offering rotors with a deeper, more traditional hat offset, proving a logical choice for many enthusiasts. On the other hand, if you want to use SN-95 spec wheels for an updated look, specific brackets for this arrangement are available as well, and use the standard Cobra 13-inch rotor.

Traditionalists who want to stay with 15-inch wheels should take heart. Front and rear kits are available for those wishing to combine Cobra brakes with 15-inch wheels, making use of smaller 11.25/10.5-inch rotor sizes.

Sample pricing direct from Street or Track:
'65-'73 Mustang front disc conversion kit, 13 or 11.25-inch, $1,099
'65-'73 Mustang rear disc conversion kit, 11.65 or 10.5-inch, $999

Street or Track