October 2, 2009

Steeda Autosports
Yet another big name in late-model Mustang performance, Steeda has plenty of appealing brake upgrades amongst its all encompassing product line, including those from many aftermarket brake manufacturers. With '05 and newer models being the hot commodity nowadays, the company has focused its Steeda brand-name specifically on the S197 cars, with a sweet 14-inch/four-piston upgrade that had special attention paid to compatibility with the S197's sensitive ABS system. Also popular is a cost effective ($499.95) upgrade kit for the rear, increasing rotor size from a stock S197 11.8-inches, to a full 13-inches with your choice of slotted or cross-drilled discs.

Enthusiasts with '94-'04s need not lament, as Steeda is big on a couple of Brembo upgrades for this earlier chassis. A 13-inch four-piston kit is popular due to price ($1,449) and the ability to fit a wide variety of 17-inch wheels, while a 14-inch four-piston kit is likely more the domain of serious track hounds.

Sample pricing direct from Steeda:
'07-'09 Mustang, GT500 upgrade kit, $899.95
'94-'04 Mustang, Brembo two-piece 14-inch/four-piston front kit, $3,226.06

Steeda Autosports
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Steve Millen's company may be a relative newcomer to the Mustang market, but it's sure no Johnny come lately. Formed in 1986, Stillen has long been known as a Nissan tuner extraordinaire, but more recently has parlayed its sports car expertise to a wider variety of vehicle makes--including late model Mustangs and Ford GTs.

Stillen takes a different route to improved braking, using highly rated components from AP Racing. While not a household name in Mustang circles, AP is a top name in international motorsports, and the Stillen kits offer both four- and six-piston caliper configurations.

Sample pricing direct from Stillen:
'05-'09 Mustang, AP4100 is a two-piece 14.25-inch/six-piston front kit, $2,811.88
'94-'04 Mustang, 30-5000 is a 13-inch/four-piston front kit, $1,849.50

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