Miles Cook
July 1, 2000

Step By Step

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The Autumn Fleet Sales front brake upgrade includes cross-drilled 13-inch rotors. Thus, you will need 17-inch wheels for them to fit. Stock 17-inch GT wheels will work as do the chromed AFS Cobra R–style wheels in a 17x8-inch size (shown here).

Even though late-model SN-95 Mustangs have four-wheel disc brakes that are vastly superior to the old Fox chassis’ disc/drum arrangement, there is still room for improvement in the wheelwells. The SN-95s use relatively small rotors up front, as well as marginal single-piston calipers. The only exceptions are the Cobras, which roll off the River Rouge assembly line with PBR calipers and nice, big 13-inch rotors—which really put the clamping power to the front wheels.

But starting a step ahead of the game is always a good thing, and that’s where any SN-95 owner is—whether he has a GT or a V-6. That’s because all these cars came stock with rear disc brakes and five-lug hubs. For the typical ’94-2000 GT—the cars we’re focusing on here—brake upgrades to Cobra status or better have been around for some time. What’s new here is the price. Coming in at the budget end of the brake upgrade spectrum is this newly available brake package from Autumn Fleet Sales. It uses well-known pieces to provide a real improvement in braking power.

Basically, AFS’ setup is a complete bolt-on package for any SN-95 Mustang, and nets near Cobra-type bits up front. Included are cross-drilled 13-inch rotors, remanufactured PBR calipers, new pads, and braided lines to attach to the calipers. The main difference is the rebuilt calipers, as they’re the key reason AFS is offering the system for around $500. Exact pricing hadn’t been set at press time. For now, let’s take a look at how easily these calipers and rotors installed on a ’97 Mustang GT.