Matt Rawlins
August 1, 2000
Contributers: Matt Rawlins

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138_70z Ford_mustang_gt Right_front_view

Drag racing's popularity seems to grow every day. With so many new faces hitting the tracks lately, it seems like even grandmas are out there bangin' gears. So it's our duty to give our newest readers and dragstrip weekend warriors some tips and tricks for the next time they roll up to the line. We could have just written some article describing it all and then throw in a few photos of some Mustang going down the track, but instead, we went straight to the source for the best tips and tricks we could get. Where is the source, you ask? It's where all of you weekend warriors and pros go to after a hard day of working-the track. We felt that the best advice could only be given by the guys who run their stock or modified Mustangs day in and day out.

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