Mark Gearhart
October 6, 2016

The braking system on your car is the most important part of making sure you’re safe while driving. It keeps you from hitting a cat as it gingerly walks (because it doesn’t care) across the street, allows you to make turn nine on a road course, exit the dragstrip before running into the catch net, or stop as that Prius pulls out in front of you. We were looking for a quick upgrade over the stock iron stoppers so we turned to Baer Brakes for a replacement set of their EradiSpeed rotors.

The S550 Mustang brakes from the factory work pretty damn good - like super car good. Our EcoBoost test mule came equipped with the Performance Pack option from Ford. That means that the stock GT four-piston calipers with 13.9-inch rotors in the front and 13.0-inch rotors with single piston calipers are standard. The EcoBoost/MT-82 manual equipped S550 is among the lightest Mustang variant in the Ford fleet and it showed in the results. On the second run the Mustang stopped in a neck-snapping 104 feet from 60 mph…according to the built in braking test in the Performance Calculator function. The rest of the results looked like this:

Test One: 2.8 seconds, 106 feet, 1.10G
Test Two: 2.7 seconds, 104 feet, 1.09G
Test Three: 2.9 seconds, 110, 1.09G

All three brake tests were made back to back. As you can see, when the braking system is cold, it stops the slowest out of the three tests, but by the third test, the braking performance is already starting to wane. Could Baer’s EradiSpeed replacement drilled and slotted rotors make a difference? Only time would tell.

Tech Specs PN 2261041 – Baer EradiSpeed 14-inch Front Rotors
PN 2262023 – Baer EradiSpeed 13-inch Rear Rotors

As you can tell by the above part numbers, the front EradiSpeed rotors are a tenth of an inch larger than the stock brakes, which won’t affect anything. These two-piece rotors are slotted, cross-drilled, zinc coated and direction vaned for optimal cooling and heat dissipation. Depending on the application, the aluminum hats come in billet or forged with stainless steel hardware. Baer even offers a +1 larger rotor option for some vehicles that include new caliper brackets to properly space the caliper off the rotor.

“We basically build a new, unique casting to the Mustang that features a directional vane structure (compared to the OEM pillar type design),” said Rick Elam of Baer. “For the 2015 (depending on application), these will be 48 to 72 directional vanes. Directional vanes are longer (so they add more stability to the rotor), but also by being curved they act like a centrifugal pump and draw air to the center (eye) of the rotor, and pump it out the edges. The brake system is a heat sink, so the better pumping/cooling efficiency the rotor has the better the brake will be, and the longer it will last.”

Baer’s instructions include a pretty extensive process of ‘braking’ in the new rotors. Drive on them for a week, do a bunch of stops from different speeds with different amount of brake pressures, drive it some more, and do some more braking.

We have to admit; we were a bit apprehensive that the Baer’s were going to improve over the stock brakes. If the Performance Calculator was right, we were either stopping on a section of road made out of mousetrap glue or the EcoBoost Performance Pack Mustang is one of the best stopping vehicles on the road, period. LaFerrari, WHAT?

Once the rotors were broken in we ran our test again on the same stretch of road anad the results came in as:

Test One: 2.9 seconds, 112 feet, 1.09G
Test Two: 2.6 seconds, 94 feet, 1.14G
Test Three: 2.7 seconds, 102 feet, 1.13G
Test Four: 2.8 seconds, 102 feet, 1.11G

All in all the Baer EradiSpeed rotors were able to cut down our stopping distance by 10 feet, which is huge for a direct rotor replacement. We also noticed that once the brakes were hot, they were less susceptible to fading due to the increased cooling capacity of the drilled and slotted rotors. Not to mention our Mustang looks a heck of a lot nicer underneath those five spoke wheels.

1. Here’s all the tools you’ll need outside of the lug wrench in the trunk (or impact drill if you have it) – a 15mm wrench and socket, 19mm socket with an extension, dead-blow hammer and a breaker bar (if you’re weak like us).

2. The most time consuming portion of the entire installation was getting the Mustang off the ground on all four corners and even that didn’t take that long.

3. The front rotors have two 15mm bolts. The top bolt sits pretty close to the brake line so this is where you will need to use a wrench and some muscles to break the bolt loose. The same wrench can be used on the bottom bolt or the optional socket.

4. The K-member is a great place to store the caliper while replacing the front rotors

5. We needed to give the rotors a little tap with a dead-blow hammer to loosen them up. There’s an open spot on the rotor’s backing plate that makes a nice spot to smack the rotor.

6. The factory front rotors weigh in at 28.4 pounds while the two-piece EradiSpeeds come in at 24.2. That 4.4-pound weight savings can be primarily contributed to the aluminum hub on the Baer rotors. Shedding 8.8-pounds off our front braking system was something we really liked. “The main benefits we discuss when selling EradiSpeed rotors are weight savings, and cosmetic, explained Elam. “The 2-piece rotor allows us to remove more cast iron from the rotor, which greatly reduces weight (rotating, unsprung weight). With the Mustang EradiSpeed rotors we are seeing weight savings of up to 25-pounds over the stock rotors.“

7. Adding some blue thread locker to the bolts help reduce the chance of them backing out.

8. Since this Mustang is pretty new, we didn’t even need to compress the pistons to get the caliper installed over the new rotor. The factory pads on all four corners were reused.

9. The rear calipers are affixed with two 18mm bolts. The parking brake cables don’t allow you to move the rear calipers too far out of the way.

10. Place the EradiSpeeds in place and reinstall the rear calipers. It took less than two hours from start to finish to get our upgraded rotors installed.