Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
January 29, 2014

Horse Sense: If black wheels aren’t your style, Ford Racing Performance Parts also offers the RS wheels in silver (PN M-1007-R1985; $329). If you do like black wheels, but you prefer the stock wheel styling, FRPP also offers a gloss-black version of the factory ST wheel (PN M-1007-M188GB; $229).

By far, the modification that has the biggest impact on a car’s look is a set of aftermarket wheels and tires. As such, selecting a new set of wheels can be a painstaking process. Not only do you have to narrow down the wheels that will fit your ride, but you also have to decide which wheel really fits your style.

When it comes to quality and fitment, it’s tough to go wrong with new wheels from Ford Racing Performance Parts. As we searched for wheels for Project Silver Lining, your scribe’s ’13 Focus ST daily driver, we kept coming back to the FRPP web site. The wheels that drew us there again and again were gloss-black versions of the European Focus RS wheels.

Now any Focus fan knows the RS is the class of the Focus line, so when elevating an ST with RS gear, a suitable tire is in order. Nitto Tire’s Invo blends the worlds of luxury and performance tires into one, so it got the nod for our application.

With the decision made and the parts in hand, we headed to our local Discount Tire to do the deed. Keep reading to see how the new wheels and tires changed PSL’s personality.

Here’s our ’13 Focus ST, Project Silver Lining, when she was still stock. The factory wheels are attractive, but there’s no better way to make a car your own than by swapping on new wheels.

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To get the new wheels and tires on PSL, we turned to our local Discount Tire in Lakeland, Florida. We wanted to keep our stock wheels and tires together, so we opted to get new Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors. Here manager Justin Newby started the process by programming the new sensors for our Focus ST.
Justin then installed the new sensors in our FRPP wheels.
Justin actually programmed to the sensors to their specific locations, so here he writes the wheel position inside the wheel to make sure they go in the proper spot.
Discount has all the latest equipment to ensure a damage-free install, which relieves a great deal of stress for owners of new wheels. Here Jeff Kirby slides the new Invo on the RS wheel.
On to balancing, the top quality FRPP wheels didn’t need much weight when Jonathan Timmons ran them. One didn’t require any at all. When weight was needed, Discount has blacked-out wheel weights on hand for a stealthy install on black wheels.
We impressed by the level of service at Discount, which they assured us is standard procedure. They even cleaned up the studs with a wire brush before installing the new wheels.
With the tires mounted and balanced it was time to bolt on the new combo. As we mentioned before, these are European wheels, so they must be installed with the included lug nuts featuring the proper seat design.
After installing the wheels, the Taylor Chambers even wiped down the wheels and applied tire shine so our Focus ST would look its best on the drive home.
Project Silver Lining looks sharp with the FRPP RS wheels onboard, and the gloss black finish does a better job of hiding the brake dust from the notoriously dusty factory binders.
We have always been a little iffy about the whole black wheel thing, but after making the move on our GT500 project, it seemed natural on our Focus ST. The new wheels look great, especially with the car hunkering down on Steeda’s lowering springs.