August 1, 2010

Adjustable Fog Lights?
I own an '09 Mustang GT with the factory fog lights. It seems that whenever I use them, I invariably get flashed by oncoming drivers regardless of the weather conditions. I asked my Ford dealer if there is an adjustment that can be made and was told there is none. I would like to be able to use them without annoying other drivers. What can be done to correct this and is anyone else having this problem?
Tom McGinn
Via the Internet

The Ford dealer is right. If you look at the accompanying photo (with factory fog lights in an aftermarket center-mount grille), you will see there's no adjustment for '05-'09 GT fog lights. There are only four screws to affix the lights in one position in the grille.

I think what might be happening is that some oncoming drivers think your high-beams are on, as they would be in an older car that has four headlights - like a '69 Mustang for example.

I have an '06 GT convertible, which has the same fog lights, and can see how some might think you have your brights on. I have also seen a few cars coming toward me at night that turn out to be '05-'09 GTs with their fog lights on, and while I wouldn't describe it as blinding, the light coming from these cars with the fog lights on is plenty bright.

But not nearly as bright, I might add, as the high beams themselves; at least on my '06. Maybe if you are getting flashed with your fog lights on, try blasting them back for a instant with your car's high beams to get the point across that your real high beams are, in fact, not on.

I know the high beams on my '06 are outstanding (like daylight) and I would never leave them on when facing oncoming traffic. But at the same time, if a car coming towards me doesn't dim their brights, a quick hit from my '06's brights basically does the trick to get the oncoming car to dim their high-beams.

The other option is to treat your fog lights like brights and dim them for oncoming cars or for cars in front of you. The real brights on our cars are much brighter than the low beams and fog lights combined, so that's an option should you feel you might need to use them after getting flashed.

Think of it like you have three levels of lighting on the front of your '09 GT; the low beams, the low beams and fogs, and the high beams (which automatically shut off the fog lights when turned on).

5.4 SN-95?
My son and I are planning to install a 5.4-liter modular V-8 from a Ford truck into his '99 Mustang GT when the 210,000-mile 4.6 decides to go to "Mustang heaven." Is there any unseen problem with this swap? Anything else we need to know for this swap?
Dennis Ribble
Springfield, IL

It can be done and has been done. In fact, the 2000 Mustang Cobra R came from the factory with a 5.4-liter engine, so in one sense it has been done by Ford. But that was a DOHC four-valve engine, much beyond the typical two-valve swaps we are theoretically discussing here.

Because the intake from a truck or van is too tall to work on a Mustang, not to mention the fact that the fittings are incompatible for a Mustang, you'll need to use intake-manifold adapters, as mentioned in a 2003 article from our sister magazine, 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords. They might be available from an online source, or you might have to have a set made, but they are the main thing that allows the swap.

Search "5.4L Engine Swap" on the 5.0 Mustang website at and you should be able to locate the article It will tell you plenty to get you started and generally point you in the right direction.

Bullitt Scoop?
In the May 2010 Late-Model Corral, there is a letter that pertains to either opening a factory hood scoop on an '02 GT convertible or utilizing a Shaker system. The answer says, "The SN-95 Mustangs that might use hood scoop-type cold air kits are either the '01 Bullitt (due to the unique intake manifold) or the '03-'04 Mach 1." That response indicates that the Bullitt had a hood scoop-type cold air kit. I know you used to own a Bullitt, but the '01 Bullitt never had a functional hood scoop as quoted in your response. The hood scoop is no different in design or use than the '02 GT.
J.T. Allen
Via the Internet

Okay, I need to clarify myself here. What I meant was that a car like the '01 Bullitt-or any '99-'04 Mustang GT for that matter-can be fitted with a Shaker-style cold-air kit, as offered by Classic Design Concepts. I realize the '01 Bullitt did not come from the factory with a functional Shaker-type cold-air system, nor did any '99-'04 GT or Cobra. The only SN-95s that were factory-equipped with such a set-up were the '03-'04 Mach 1s, which had an actual Shaker hood scoop. I didn't mean to imply SN-95 Mustangs are factory-equipped with a functional cold-air system other than '03-'04 Mach 1s. I hope this clears up any confusion on the subject.

One thing my response did leave out is the fact that the CDC cold-air set-up can be installed on any '99-'04 Mustang GT. It doesn't have to be an '01 Bullitt. In fact, according to CDC, it also has an application for V-6 cars. That means CDC's Shaker-style cold-air system will fit any '99-'04 Mustang except Cobra.

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