November 1, 2007

Shock HardwareI'm taking my '69 Mach 1 to the Meadow Brooke Concours in Michigan next month. I've shown the car in Mustang Club of America events several times and have most of the minor details correct, but I want to be as close as possible for Meadow Brooke because my Mach 1 will be the only Mustang at this year's show. What's the correct finish for the rear shock hardware? Should the washers be gold, silver, or phosphate and oil? What are the correct nuts for the shocks?Duke ClancySarasota, FL

I've seen your car. You should do well at Meadow Brooke.

The rear shock hardware for the '69 Mustang is usually phosphate and oil on the washers and external-tooth locknuts. The washers could also be clear or zinc. The rubber insulators are marked "Ford" and "Harris." The studs on '69-'70 shocks have coarse threads.

Motorcraft or Autolite?I recently purchased a '73 Mustang Mach 1 from the original owner. The car has only 18,000 miles on it and is 100 percent original except the battery. What's the correct battery for a '73 Mach 1 with the 351 two-barrel engine? I've received conflicting information. One source says it should be a Motorcraft Group 24 while another person said it's an Autolite Group 24. Which is correct?

Should the oil filter be a Motorcraft FL-1 or an Autolite FL-1?John McCoySyracuse, NY

The original battery for your '73 Mach 1 is a Motorcraft R-24-F or R-27-F blackcase battery with red Motorcraft letters. The group 24 battery was standard, while the group 27 was optional.

The correct oil filter is the Motorcraft FL-1. They're date-coded on the side.

The oil filters aren't hard to find, but the batteries are rare. No reproductions are available at this time.

Date-Coded jackI have a date-coded jack that has coarse threads. The date is "A7." Is this for a '67 or a '70 Mustang? I'm hoping it's for a '70 because that would make it perfect for my '70 Mach 1 that was built in January 1970. David MorrisVia the Internet

It appears that your jack is dated January 1967. A jack dated-coded for January 1970 would have an "A0" code.

Early Styled SteelsI own a '6411/42 Mustang that my grandfather bought new in August 1964. The build date on the door data plate is July 26. My question is, when did the Styled Steel wheels become available as a factory- or dealer-installed option? I really like them, but I want to stay with period-correct original parts. The car still has the original paint and interior. The paint is thin in a few places, but everyone tells me to leave it original.Bob SmithLittle Rock, AR

According to a Ford "New Options" supplement issued in 1964, the Styled Steel wheels became available as a Mustang option on August 20, 1964. Disc brakes and dual redline tires became optional at the same time.