August 19, 2007

Back Up GasketsI recently purchased a '67 Shelby. The car is a very nice one-owner, 40,000-mile example. The original owner provided several N.O.S. parts, including a pair of backup-light assemblies and gaskets. The N.O.S. gaskets are black, and the originals were gray. They're still in the Ford packages and have Ford part numbers embossed into them. Are they considered concours correct?

Also, what's the correct tire and size? Are they being reproduced?Frank LansdaleClinton, TN

The correct color for '67-'70 backup-lamp gaskets is gray. The original and the Ford Service replacement gaskets, available until the late '70s, are grey. Later service replacement gaskets are black and therefore aren't concours correct.

Original equipment tires for the '67 Shelbys are Goodyear Speedway 350s in E70x15. There's currently an excellent reproduction tire available from Kelsey Tire Company (1190 E. Hwy. 54, Camdenton, MI 65020; 573/346-2506;

Magnum PaintI've noticed a difference on the black finish of Boss 429 Magnum wheels between '69 and '70. What's correct for the two years?Dave SmithBaldwin, WI

The correct finish for the '69 Boss 429 Magnum 500 wheel (PN C9ZZ-1007-H) is flat black. A good spray bomb paint is Krylon 1602 Ultra-Flat Black. The correct finish for all other Mustang Magnum 500 wheels is semigloss black, and Krylon 1613 is an excellent match.

Rod DetailingI just finished detailing the Top Loader transmission for my '70 Mach 1. What's the correct finish for the shifter rods? Some of them look like bare metal, but one has what seems to be remnants of gold anodizing.Clyde TruesdaleScottsville, AL

The correct finish on the '70 Mustang shift rods is zinc dichromate (gold). The lockout rod from the transmission to the steering column is clear zinc (silver). The shift levers are all bare natural steel.