Jim Smart
December 7, 2005

State & Contact Information

Alabama Motor Vehicle Division

  • www.ador.state.al.us/motorvehicle/index.html
  • 334/242-9000
  • No changes to the VIN or manufacturer's plate without the approval of the Motor Vehicle Division.

Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles

  • www.state.ak.us/dmv
  • 907/269-5572
  • No changes to VIN or manufacturer's plate permitted.

Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division

  • www.azdot.gov/mvd/index.asp
  • 602/255-0072 Phoenix
  • 520/629-9808 Tuscon
  • 800/251-5866 Toll-free in Arizona
  • Vehicle must be inspected by the state Motor Vehicle Division when any changes are made. Three levels of inspection are required depending on the changes made. Contact the MVD before making any changes to vehicle identity.

Arkansas Office Of Motor Vehicles

  • www.arkansas.gov/dfa/motor_vehicle/mv_index.html
  • 501/682-4692
  • State law mandates VIN verification by a law enforcement officer for salvage or restored vehicles. Have the VIN verified before making any changes or alterations.

California Department of Motor Vehicles

  • www.dmv.ca.gov
  • 916/657-7971
  • 800/777-0133
  • No person shall intentionally deface, destroy, or alter the motor number, other distinguishing number, or identification mark of a vehicle required or employed for registration purposes without written authorization from the department, nor shall any person place or stamp any serial, motor, or other number or mark upon a vehicle, except one assigned thereto by the department.
    This section does not prohibit the restoration by an owner of the original vehicle identification number when the department authorizes the restoration, nor prevent any manufacturer from placing in the ordinary course of business numbers or marks upon new motor vehicles or new parts thereof.

Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles

  • www.revenue.state.co.us/mv_dir/home.asp
  • 303/205-5600
  • Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles for more information.

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

  • www.ct.gov/dmv
  • 800/842-8222 Toll-free in Connecticut
  • 860/263-2700 Hartford area/out-of-state
  • Vehicle must go through a Composite Motor Vehicle inspection at a state inspection facility if any significant changes have been made. State may assign a new VIN. Salvage vehicles must go through a state inspection.

District of Columbia Dept. of Motor Vehicles

  • www.dmv.washingtondc.gov
  • 202/727-5000
  • Contact the Department of Motor Vehicle for more information.

Florida Department of Motor Vehicles

  • www.hsmv.state.fl.us
  • 800/922-9000
  • Contact DMV or Department of Highway Safety for information.

Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety

  • www.dmvs.ga.gov/motor
  • 404/362-6500
  • DMVS wants to see salvaged and rebuilt vehicles both before and after they're painted.


  • www.co.honolulu.hi.us/csd/vehicle
  • www.co.maui.hi.us/departments/Motor
  • Vehicles/index.htm
  • www.kauai.gov
  • 808/873-3546 State DMV
  • 808/532-4324 Honolulu
  • 808/270-7363 Maui
  • 808/241-6577 Kauai
  • Hawaii motor vehicle licensing and registration is done county-by-county. Contact each county for specific information.

Idaho Transportation Department

  • www.itd.idaho.gov/dmv
  • 208/334-8660
  • Not permissible to change or alter a vehicle or engine number. See Idaho motor vehicle statutes for more information.

Illinois Vehicle Services Department

  • www.cyberdriveillinois.com/services/services_motorists.html
  • 800/252-3000
  • 217/78-6992
  • Contact the Vehicle Services Department for specific information.

Indiana Bureau Of Motor Vehicles

  • www.ai.org/bmv/index.html
  • 317/233-6000
  • All vehicles must have VIN inspected whenever they are titled in the state for the first time.

Iowa Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division

  • www.dot.state.ia.us/mvd/index.htm
  • 800/532-1121 Toll-free in Iowa
  • 515/244-9124 Des Moines
  • Contact the Motor Vehicle Division for more specific information.

Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles

  • www.ksrevenue.org/dmv.htm
  • 785/296-3621
  • Vehicles registered on a county-by-county basis. Contact the Division of Motor Vehicles with specific questions.

Kentucky Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing

  • www.mvlky.gov
  • www.kentucky.gov
  • 502/564-5301
  • Contact the Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing for more specific information.

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles

  • omv.dps.state.la.us
  • 877/368-5463
  • Contact the Office of Motor Vehicles for specific information. Another option is www.legis.state.la.us.

Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles

  • www.state.me.us/sos/bmv
  • 207/624-9000
  • Contact BMV for specific information, included on the state Web site.

Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

  • http://mva.state.md.us
  • 800/638-8347 24-hour information
  • 800/248-4160 Vehicle services
  • Contact the Motor Vehicle Administration for specific information.

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

  • www.mass.gov/rmv
  • 800/858-3926 Toll-free in Massachusetts
  • 617/351-4500
  • Contact the RMV for specific information related to your restoration effort.

Michigan Secretary of State

  • www.michigan.gov/sos
  • 517/322-1460
  • Go to the Web site and search for vehicle restoration.

Minnesota Department of Public Safety

  • www.dps.state.mn.us/dvs
  • 651/296-6911
  • For more information on Minnesota's vehicle codes, e-mail motor.vehicles@state.mn.us.

Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission

  • www.mmvc.state.ms.us
  • 601/987-3995
  • For more information about state motor vehicle laws and policies, e-mail day@mmvc.state.ms.us.

Missouri Department of Revenue

  • www.dor.state.mo.us
  • 573/751-4450
  • Missouri has a new salvage definition law. See the Missouri DOR Web site for details.

Montana Department of Justice

  • www.doj.state.mt.us/driving
  • 406/444-2026
  • See DOJ Web site for policy on proper handling of motor vehicle restoration and licensing under the law.

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

  • www.dmv.state.ne.us
  • 402/471-3918
  • For specifics, e-mail the state from Web page www.dmv.state.ne.us/admin/email.

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

  • www.dmvnv.com
  • 702/486-4368 Las Vegas area
  • 775/684-4368 Sparks/Carson City
  • 877-368-7828 Toll-free in rural Nevada
  • For more information, e-mail the Nevada DMV at info@dmv.state.nv.us

New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles

  • www.nh.gov/safety/dmv/
  • 603/271-3111
  • Salvage vehicles must have a salvage inspection before registration. Once inspected, a DSMV 547 will be issued. Contact the DMV for more details.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

  • www.state.nj.us/mvc
  • 609/292-6500
  • 888/486-3339 toll free in New Jersey
  • Contact the New Jersey MVC for more information.

New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division

  • www.state.nm.us/tax/mvd
  • 888/683-4636
  • For more information, e-mail the NMVD at GGarcia@state.nm.us.

New York Department of Motor Vehicles

  • www.nydmv.state.ny.us
  • No telephone information available.
  • Visit the New York DMV Web site for detailed information.

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles

  • www.ncdot.org/dmv
  • 919/715-7000
  • North Carolina has a Title Registration Manual, as well as other booklets, for restorers with specific questions about state vehicle laws.

North Dakota Department of Transportation

  • www.state.nd.us/dot
  • 701/328-2725
  • For specific information on Mustang restoration, e-mail the DOT at dot@state.nd.us.

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

  • http://bmv.ohio.gov
  • 614/752-7500
  • 800/589-8247 Toll-free in Ohio
  • E-mail the BMV from Web page bmv.ohio.gov/registar_email.html.

Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division

  • www.oktax.state.ok.us/mvhome.html
  • 800/522-8165 Toll-free
  • 405/521-2913
  • See the MVD Web site for detailed information.

Oregon Driver & Motor Vehicle Services

  • www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV
  • 503/945-5000
  • See Web site for details on salvage/rebuilt vehicles.

Pennsylvania Driver & Vehicle Services

  • www.dmv.state.pa.us
  • 800/932-4600
  • 717/391-6190
  • Strict regarding salvage/rebuilt motor vehicles. All vehicles are subject to a state inspection. See Web site for more specifics.

Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

  • www.dmv.state.ri.us
  • 401/588-3020
  • Vehicles that have been rebuilt from salvage must be inspected by the state. For more details, see the Web site.

South Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles

  • www.scdmvonline.com
  • Telephone numbers available online, county by county.
  • Help is available via help@scdmvonline.com.

South Dakota Department of Public Safety

  • www.state.sd.us/dps
  • 605/773-3178
  • Little information on the state Web site. Call for more detailed information.

Tennessee Department of Safety

  • www.tennessee.gov/safety
  • 615/741-3954

Texas Department of Transportation

  • www.dot.state.tx.us
  • No telephone number available.
  • Safety inspection required when you put a vehicle on the road. More information available on the Web site.

Utah Division of Motor Vehicles

  • http://dmv.utah.gov
  • 800/368-8824 Toll-free in Utah
  • 801/297-7780
  • Go to Reconstructed Vehicles on the Web site for more details.

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

  • www.aot.state.vt.us/dmv
  • 802/828-2000
  • Little information available on the Web site. Call for more information.

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

  • www.dmv.state.va.us
  • 866/368-5463
  • 800/435-5137
  • Antique and classic cars eligible for special license tags. See Web site for specifics.

Washington Department of Licensing

  • www.dol.wa.gov
  • 360/902-3770
  • See Web site for e-mail address for questions.

West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

  • www.wvdot.com
  • 304/558-3900
  • No information available on the Web site for restorers.

Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles

  • www.dot.state.wi.us/drivers
  • 414/266-1148
  • 608/261-2583
  • For more information visit Web site.

Wyoming Department of Transportation

  • http://dot.state.wy.us
  • 307/777-4714
  • Specific policies addressing salvage and rebuilt vehicles. See Web site for more information.