December 1, 2005

Antenna DilemmaI have a '68 Mustang fastback with the 390 engine. I show the car in Driven Concours at many local shows and also attended the Mustang Club of America's 40th Anniversary Celebration in Nashville last year. I have an N.O.S. Ford antenna on my car that I purchased from one of the major Mustang catalogs. The part number on the box is C8ZZ-18813-B. I also see these advertised on eBay as being correct for the '68 Mustang. But every time I get judged at a big show, I lose points for an incorrect antenna. What's the deal? I've got a correct Ford part number and the Ford box; is it the incorrect part?Jason RexlerTampa, FL

Your C8ZZ-18813-B antenna was a service replacement for the C7ZZ-18813-A factory antenna on '68 Mustangs. The C7ZZ antenna has a round base rather than the rectangular base on the C8ZZ version. Ford Parts and Service sold many of the C8ZZ-18813-B as a replacement antenna for '65-'68 Mustangs.

Although the C8ZZ-18813-B antenna is a genuine Ford service part, it is not concours correct for MCA judging on your Mustang. Because the C8ZZ-18813-A antenna was first offered in the early '80s by Ford Parts and Service, it's not a concours correct accessory either. Your question has been asked often over the years and is still a topic of discussion at MCA rules meetings.

Wheel RecallI have a '67 convertible that has been in our family since new. My grandfather bought the car for my grandmother, and I got it from my grandfather two years ago. The car now has 43,000 miles and is in excellent unrestored condition.

My question is about the steering wheel. The car is white with a red interior. However, the steering wheel is black. My grandfather says the Ford garage replaced the steering wheel under warranty because it cracked. He claims that's how it got a black steering wheel. What do you think? My grandfather's memory is pretty good.Dean McMurraySt. Louis, MO

There was definitely a recall campaign for the '67 Mustang steering wheel. I can remember the Ford dealer in Chippewa, Wisconsin, still had about 25 N.O.S. '67 steering wheels in the attic in the early to mid-'80s when I bought them. The boxes had "campaign item" stickers on them.

I also have a letter from Ford concerning the '67 steering wheel. I found it with the owners manual of a '67 fastback I owned many years ago.

The black steering wheel is part of your Mustang's history. Don't be too concerned unless the color bothers you. There are still a few N.O.S. red wheels out there if you want to replace the black one.

Choosing a TopI have a '67 convertible that is one of one according to an Elite Marti Report. The car is white with a tan top to go with the saddle interior, but I know from the report that it originally came with a white top. I am going to have a new top installed but want to know which color I should go with. I plan to enter the car in local shows and it will be driven on weekends.Al FloresVia the Internet

Go with the white top to match both the exterior color of the car and the original invoice. Being one of one, you have a unique combination so I would stick with the original top color.

Wheel Covers: Boss or Mach?While attending the All-Ford Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, this past June, I noticed a '70 Boss 302 with '70 Mach 1 wheel covers. However, while talking with the owner, I was informed that the wheel covers were actually 15-inch versions rather than the 14-inch covers used on the Mach 1. Apparently, they were optional for the '70 Boss 302 only. I've never seen these covers on any other Boss 302. Can you provide more information?Jerry McCombWinchester, VA

The wheel cover you refer to is Ford part number D0ZZ-1130-F, which was optional for the '70 Boss 302 Mustang. It required the '70 Boss 302 15x7-inch steel wheel, so it was indeed unique to the '70 Boss 302. The "Sport" wheel cover is indeed rare. The standard Boss 302 wheel was the 15-inch trim ring and hub cap, while the most popular optional wheel was the 15-inch Magnum 500.

GT StripesI recently imported to Australia a '67 Mustang GT hardtop, Lime Gold but without the stripes. I have purchased new white GT stripes, as all of the pictures I've seen of Lime Gold cars had white stripes. But upon closer inspection, I found a small patch of what I think is the original stripe on the back of the door, and it is black. My Marti Report does not mention stripe color. Can you tell me how to find out what color my stripes would have been originally?Nick from MelbourneVia the Internet

According to the '67 Ford Illustrated Facts and Specifications manual, the recommended stripe for a GT Mustang with the Lime Gold exterior color was black. The buildsheet, if you can find it, would confirm the original color of the stripes.

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