January 1, 2005

If you aren't married to your car, it's run down, or you have the itch for a high-tech modular four-valve 4.6, I'd say trade up to a '96-'01 Cobra. A friend of mine sold his nice '99 Cobra last year for only 15 grand, so there are plenty of good Cobra deals out there.

Blower Before New Motor?I have a '94 Mustang GT with several bolt-on updates already on the car, including an exhaust system, 3.73 gears, a 65mm throttle body, headers, and an Edelbrock intake. Although the car has more than 100,000 miles, the engine doesn't use any oil and it runs quite well. I'm thinking about adding a supercharger now and maybe going with a new long-block later. Would supercharger boost be too much at this point for the high-mileage engine?Terry JohnsonSacramento, CA

If you have the budget to swing the blower and a new engine, why put the blower on the old engine? Get the new engine up and running in the car, then add the supercharger later. Although you might be on the borderline with an engine that's led the good life, more than 100,000 miles is still quite a bit. And to minimize downtime with your car, get together as much as you can for the new engine before you take your car apart.

It sounds as if you'll be building a whole new engine and maybe reusing the intake that's on your car now. If your car had fewer than 75,000 miles on it, I'd say you could add the blower now and run it that way until you get the new engine. But at this point, I think you'd save considerable time by getting the new engine in the car first, then installing the supercharger afterward.

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