November 1, 2004

Speedo WoesI own an '85 Mustang GT and the speedometer doesn't work well. The odometer/trip meter works, but the needle spins erratically and is noisy. I was told the speedometer head has spun around and is binding, so I disconnected it. The problem is, the odometer is also disconnected. What's the fix and are parts available?JessieVancouver, BC, Canada

It sounds like you need some new parts. A new speedometer and cable would likely get you back in business. You might be able to upgrade to a 140-mph speedometer in place of the hokey 85-mph unit you have now. They're available from Latemodel Restoration Supply.

If you get a new speedo, add the old odometer reading to the new one so you'll have the correct mileage.

The following companies specialize in used and new Fox-body parts, and will likely have what you need. Mustang Parts Specialties, 770/867-2644,; Latemodel Restoration Supply, 866/50-RESTO (507-3786),; and Mustangs Unlimited, 888/398-9898 or 888/229-2929,

Console QuestionI have an '03 Mustang GT, and there are two plastic fingers on the underside of the center console door. What are they for?Cory BossardMeadow Grove, NE

Good question. I found the same thing in my '01 GT, and the owner's manual didn't have an explanation. Unlike the coin holder that substitutes for the convertible-top switch in coupes, there's no official description for the fingers.

My guess is, the area is there to store important papers, such as registration, proof of insurance, or service/repair receipts. The two sheets of paper in the photo are held securely in place and will stay there when the console lid is opened and closed.

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