August 1, 2004

Third-Gen InfoI own an '82 GT with the now-classic 157hp two-barrel 5.0. It's been mentioned in previous issues how to obtain a factory invoice for Mustangs built from 1967 to 1973. Is this something I can obtain for my '82?Jon BergmanBoonville, MO

Marti Auto Works offers this information for '67s-'73s, but I don't believe it offers anything for the later-model cars. You can call Marti Auto Works at 623/935-2558 or visit

The Third Generation Registry can likely help with production information on your car. Send an e-mail to or check out

Go With a V-8I own an '01 V-6 Mustang. What would it take to convert the V-6 to a V-8? I believe it can be done, but for what price?Jeremy StognerVia the Internet

Yes, it can be done, but it would be much easier to sell your car and buy a V-8 Mustang. By the time you factor in the effort and cost, you'd probably spend more money and certainly more time doing the swap than trading up to a V-8 car.

It would require a lot of things, such as the complete drivetrain from the donor car and integrating all the wiring. My advice? Sell your car and buy any '99-'04 GT to scratch that V-8 Mustang itch.

Speedometer CheckI have a '94 GT with a five-speed. I just changed the gears in the rearend, going from a 2.73 to a 3.55 ratio. Where can I get the proper speedo gear for my car and how many teeth does it need? My stock speedo gear is cream color with 12 teeth. I've checked Ford dealers, Jegs, and Summit but nothing matches up with what I need. All I really want is the gear.Zak EllisVia the Internet

You should be able get the right gear from the parts department of a reasonably competent Ford dealer. You just need the right part number, and you've come to the right place. According to the 2004 Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog on page 129, the closest driven gear (the one that connects to the speedometer cable) for your application would be a red, 21-tooth version. The part number is C4OZ-A (the letter O, not zero). The chart in the catalog also says your car has an eight-tooth drive gear rather than a seven-tooth found in earlier '83-'89 5.0s.

Though the 21-tooth driven gear might not be the closest to what you'd need, it would be better than what you have now. Further, there's no mention of a cream-color driven gear with only 12 teeth. You mention your car has 2.73 gears, so that might explain the existence of a 12-tooth gear even though it's not mentioned in the catalog. A 16-tooth gear is the smallest one listed. Procure the red 21-tooth gear and you should be set.

Cobra ConvertI'd like to make my '93 Mustang GT convertible into a '93 Cobra of sorts. I've been looking around for a set of '93 Cobra wheels but haven't been able to find them. The dealerships state they're out of production. Will they fit on my car? Will a '93 Cobra intake fit my engine? Do I have to buy a Cobra throttle body, GT-40 heads, and 24 lb/hr injectors to make the intake work, or can I put this intake on my engine?Gary ThurmanRichmond, KY

The 17x7.5-inch wheels have a different offset than the stock 16-inch star wheels. They'll fit, but ideally you should run a 31/44-inch spacer to make them fit correctly. I had a set on a '90 LX and the wheels fit perfectly with the spacers. You'll also need slightly longer wheel studs to accommodate the spacers.

The Cobra intake is a direct bolt-on for your engine. Different injectors and cylinder heads are not required, although you might want to add better-flowing aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads later. Since you'd be eliminating the stock intake's EGR spacer (and wouldn't have to get another one because the Cobra intake's EGR is integrated into the upper), you might as well upgrade to a larger throttle body. A 70mm unit from either BBK or Accufab would get more out of the intake's potential.