April 1, 2004

Radio RestoMy wife owns a '66 Mustang convertible, which has the original AM/eight-track radio. Do you know of any company that repairs or overhauls these radios? We are not interested in having the radio updated to an AM/FM stereo, as we have seen in other articles, but only want the radio restored to original condition. Any help would be appreciated.Bob and Ina HendryFredericksburg, VA

My recommendation for Mustang radio repair is Bill Herndon at Pony Warehouse (301/977-0309). Bill recently repaired a '66 AM/FM for a customer's car, and it works great. I believe Bill even has original '66 Ford eight-track promo tapes.

Nuts and BoltsYou are doing a great job with Resto Roundup in Mustang Monthly. I enjoy reading all of the letters, even when they are not about cars like mine.

Are original Ford parts such as screws, ashtray bumpers, console-light lenses, and glovebox inserts worth keeping now that they can be purchased from all of the Mustang parts vendors?Ron McWilliamsVia e-mail

Original standard parts (e.g., screws, nuts, bolts, fasteners) are always valuable to restorers. There are good reproductions; but, to many serious restorers, only original parts (including standard parts like you mention) will meet concours standards. Don't discard those small, but important, restoration items.

Space-Saver SpecsI was helping a friend clean out a building, and I found two space-saver spares. To my knowledge, Ford was the only one that used them. I have one orange rim that's black on the back with a greenish bead around the rim area. It has a D70/14 BFG tire. The other rim is solid black. It's stamped "Ford" on the face, and has an L78/15 Goodyear tire. I know these are space-saver tires because I inflated both of them and they became fullsize tires. I am also familiar with these tires because my '73 Mach 1 originally had one. I've tracked down some info on the orange rim and I think it fits Falcon, Fairlane, Maverick, and '65-'73 Mustang. I am unsure about the black rim. I don't know what it fits. Both are in excellent condition.D. BradyUrbana, IL

I'm sorry to inform you that your space-saver tires and wheels are not for a Mustang. Neither D70x14 nor L78x15 are Mustang space-saver sizes. The sizes for '69-'73 Mustangs are 7.73x14, 7.35x14, and F78x14, depending upon year and application. Both GM and Chrysler used the space-saver tire during the same era. The correct size for your '73 Mach 1 is F78x14, black wheel with Ford logo on the wheel.

Big-Block BatteriesI have a '68 Shelby GT500KR convertible and an early '68 GT500. What battery should be in these cars, 24F or 27F? Both now have the 24F. It does not appear a 27F would fit in either car, as it looks as if it would hit the alternator junction block. Should they have battery shields as well?Arild ThuVancouver, Canada

The correct battery for your '68 GT500 and GT500KR Shelbys is the group 24. The group 27 battery and tray were not available until the '69 model year. I would use the battery heat shield on your Shelbys. On most Mustangs and Shelbys with big-blocks, the heat shield was standard equipment.

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