October 1, 2003

35th Anniversary Production NumbersIn the article about '99-'03 Mustangs in the September '02 issue, a write-up about the 35th anniversary cars indicated there were four colors available. I own a '99 GT convertible with a five-speed and the 35th anniversary package. It's Performance Red with a black top, and I rarely see other ones of the same color. How many were made like mine?Darin GilbertsonVia e-mail

The person most likely to answer your question is Stu Jones, who runs the Third Generation Registry. I've spoken to him in the past about cars like yours, and he says they definitely have collectible value. I agree with him, and I recall that your car's color in a convertible body style is a rare one indeed. I know he has all the production figures on '99 cars and likely has info on '00s and '01s by now. Write to him at thirdgenreg@aol.com, including all the data on your car's door tag as well as your VIN.

Clearing Up The 25thIn the January '03 issue, I ran a letter from Armand Vaquer inquiring about the 25th anniversary emblems used in '89 and '90 Fox-body Mustangs. To clear up any (or create more) confusion, these four gents gave their input on the topic. Nearly 15 years later, it's still strange that Ford basically ignored this 25-year milestone in the Mustang's history.

I think I know why Armand Vaquer's car didn't have the emblem. I remember reading that the cars produced after April 17, 1989, have the emblem since that was the true 25th anniversary date.Rob NelsonVia the Internet

I'd like to clear up some confusion about the 25th anniversary dash emblems. I bought an '89 LX 5.0 Sport brand new in October 1988. My car didn't have the dash emblem, or a 140-mph speedometer for that matter. I checked with Ford and found that the '89s didn't receive the dash emblems (or the 140-mph speedos for 5.0 LXs) until January 1989.

Also, Ford wasn't going to do anything for the 25th anniversary until Mustang owners raised a stink, so the dash emblem was a last-minute deal. I also once heard there were rumors that Jack Roush wanted to drop a mega-horsepower 351 into an '89, but couldn't get Ford's brass to go along with the idea. Who knows? It sounds like Armand Vaquer has an early '89.Rob RoysterWhite House, TN

I have an '89 LX 5.0L Sport hatchback that I've owned since I bought it new on April 17, 1989. I figured that was as close as I could get to owning a 25th anniversary model since Ford neglected to honor Mustang properly. It's my understanding that the 25 Years dash emblem first appeared on Mustangs produced in April 1989, the beginning of the 25th year of production. That emblem stayed on through the production year of 1990. Then, for the '91-'93 model years, the 25 Years lettering on the emblem was removed, or rather filled in. I added the 25 Years emblem to my dash since my Mustang was built in February 1989. I hope this helps.Steven ScarboroughValparaiso, IN

I had an '89 Mustang LX convertible, built in October 1988, and it did not have the emblem. When a friend bought his '89 in June 1989, I went to the Ford dealer and was told it was the 25th anniversary emblem. Since the first Mustang was a '6411/42, the '8911/42 would have it, but not the '89, so to speak. I suppose I missed it by six months.Greg PerryFountain, CO

Registry To The RescueI recently purchased an '85 Mustang GT convertible with a five-speed. It's VIN is 1FABP28M8FF102049. The door plate was removed, and the previous owner doesn't have it. Is there anyone from whom I can obtain this missing information by use of the VIN? Some things appear modified on the vehicle, and I cannot determine what was stock.Matthew GatzkeVia the Internet

The Third Generation Registry is the place. Stu Jones is quite helpful because he knows about all things Fox-and then some. I believe at this point, Stu has VIN info and tons of general production information on Mustangs through the '99 model year. By now, however, he might have data on the later model years, too. Write to him at thirdgenreg@aol.com with the information about your car-including the VIN-and he'll likely help you learn more about your car. While you're at it, tell him Mustang Monthly sent you.

Club InfoMy name is Joe Guidotti, and I'm a board member of the Diablo Valley Mustang Association in Northern California. Our members are located from San Francisco to the Stockton area. I read your response to Steven Freitas of the Aloha Mustang and Shelby Club of Hawaii in your December '02 column. Here is our club information: Diablo Valley Mustang Association, P.O. Box 21674, Concord, CA 94521; www.dvma.org.Joe GuidottiVia the Internet

Thanks, Joe. Club contacts are a good way to promote the hobby, and club members are an inexhaustible resource for valuable technical information on a local level.

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