Bob Perkins
November 20, 2017

Mustang Signage
I have this 12x18 metal Mustang-themed Rotunda/Ford/Autolite parts sign that I recently picked up and I cannot identify it. Have you ever seen one like this before?
Nicholas M.
Via the Internet

You have a reproduction sign that was made in early 1990s, Nick. It is certainly a nice garage hanger but nothing super rare like an original dealer service department sign. Enjoy it in your garage or man cave!

Slop Gray Match
I have a 1973 Q-code Mach 1 Mustang I’m detailing under the hood. I’m looking for a paint code to match the underhood braces and brackets that are slop gray. I have seen this gray vary drastically in color and sheen on restored cars. What do you recommend?
Bobby Clement
Calhoun, Georgia

I do not have a paint code for the slop gray. I have a 7-gallon pail with acrylic enamel I randomly matched to Dearborn Gray. I added white, blue, and green tint until I got close, plus two quarts of flattening additive—an expensive procedure for one car. NPD sells an 8-ounce spray can of slop gray in their catalog that is a good match. If you are creative you can duplicate a dipped look. The part number is AP-SLP.