2001 Ford Mustang
Ken Miele
March 19, 2015

Corner Carving

I’m looking to autocross with my 2001 Mustang GT. I’m not concerned about lowering as long as I get the handling, but not opposed to it. From my research, a good set of shock and struts will give me the most bang for the buck. My plan is to go with quality shocks and struts along with front and rear sway bars. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Lowering your GT will help, and I do suggest you go with springs. You are correct about shocks and struts—they are a must for a properly tuned suspension and sometimes overlooked. For what you are looking for, I would suggest a complete kit that comes with springs, shocks/struts, and sway bars. Eibach’s Pro System Plus suspension kit (PN 41735680) is a great kit for your GT. It has all the core components for flat cornering, and it’s a great package for autocrossing.

Supercharged Power

I have a 2005 Mustang GT and want more power. All my friends tell me a supercharger is the way to go for the most power of any mod. My question is which type of supercharger should I look into? I have the budget, but I want to get the best performance possible along with the ease of installation.

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You can’t go wrong with any supercharger for added power. The type really comes down to personal preference. All supercharger systems will require some mechanical skills to be installed, but it’s certainly doable with the proper tools.

8.8 Swap

Is there a difference between the 8.8 rearend that came in a Fox body and the one that comes in the SN95? I’ve heard the SN95 was wider. I have a built rear that came out of a 1996 Mustang, and I would like to use it in my 1989 LX. Will everything bolt up? I know it came with disc brakes and I would like to retain them.

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The 1996 8.8 will bolt right in since they all use the same axlehousing. The 1994-1998 has axles 3/4 inch longer and should not be an issue with clearance on tires up to 8 1/2 inches. The 1999-2004 is just under 2 1/2 inches wider and will cause issues with a wider wheel and tire package. You can retain the disc brakes; just be sure to also upgrade your master cylinder and proportioning valve from a 1993 Cobra. You will also need a 3-2 port master cylinder adapter kit.

Too Wide?

I recently bought four tires, 285/40/18. I know they will fit on the rear of my 2010 GT, but will this size fit on the front?

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285/40/18s up front will be a little wide for the front for an everyday ride. While they look like they wont rub when your GT is static, driving will be another issue. 285s with a factory offset wheel will rub when pushing the car hard in the turns and also tight turns approaching driveways or bumps. I would not go any larger in the front than 275s for your GT.

In Control

My wife has an automatic 2011 GT that I drive on occasion. I like the power and response of the auto but would like to have more control over the shifting when hitting curving roads. I noticed that Ford has a selectable shift feature on the 2013 models and was hoping that there would be a kit to retrofit it to the 2011. It looks like the shifter and surrounding console would be replaced along with a wiring harness and a transmission reflash. Is this doable?

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It’s not as simple as just a shifter, harness, and a reflash. The 2013 automatic cars use different parameters in the engine ECU that cannot be changed without extensive knowledge on reflashing the computer. No kits are currently available, and you would need a Ford technician with the proper tuning software to make this work.