Bob Perkins
November 4, 2014

Window Sticker Source

Where can I get a copy of the window sticker for my ’71 Mustang? If it is not available, where can I find out the original options? I would like to restore it to the original color and find out as much about it as I can.

Andy Lawrence
Jacksonville, FL

Kevin Marti at Marti Autoworks is where you can get a concours quality copy of the window sticker for your ’71 Mustang. There is a minimum cost to get this info from them. You can find more details on how to order a window sticker, as well as the very popular “Marti Report,” at the Marti Autoworks website (

Boss Restoration Questions

I have owned a ’70 Boss 302 for 34 years and am in the process of getting it restored. I have a few questions. The car has a Cobra snake metal emblem on the top of the spoiler. I don’t know if it is factory. It has “Cobra Jet” in metal letters on each side of the shaker hood scoop that I don’t know about. Also the spare tire is a Uniroyal Tiger Paw wide oval, size G70-14, and I’ve never seen one like it before. I am wondering what the correct spare tire for this car is. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Mark Wynja
New York

The Cobra snake emblem on the top of the spoiler is something a previous owner installed. The Cobra Jet emblems on the shaker scoop are not concours correct for the Boss 302. The scoop is the same for both engine options however. You should be able to remove the emblems easily as they’re attached with two-way adhesive tape. The original spare tire for ’70 Boss 302 would have been a BFGoodrich F78x14 Space Saver tire, as pictured here. Good luck with your restoration.

Date Coded Filters

I have a ’72 HO Mustang Mach 1. The car is unrestored, with just under 50,000 miles. Over the years the normal maintenance items have been replaced with later service or aftermarket items. I’m curious what an original ’72 Motorcraft oil filter would look like? I believe the current Motorcraft is acceptable for most shows, but would like to find a date code correct.

John Lee
Gary, IN

I have included a picture of a ’71-’73 Motorcraft FL-1 oil filter for you here (on left). By 1978 the graphics had changed (on right), as you can see in the photo as well. The filters are dated on the side. I have provided a close-up of the date code on the filter in the second photo.

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