2000 Ford Mustang Gt Passenger Front View
KJ Jones Brand Manager, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
July 28, 2014

Weekend Fun

Q: I have owned a '00 GT since 2001, but the car has been sitting for three years collecting dust. I'm trying to modify it, but I want something reliable. I don't want to blow the engine. It's not a daily driver. The car has 70k and an automatic. My budget is $5,000 ... and go.

Via email

A: Send us the $5,000 and you'll still have a reliable '00 GT. Seriously though, luckily for you all of the entry-level blower kits are under $5,000.

We looked at Vortech, Paxton, ProCharger, and Kenne Bell kits for a stock '99-'04 Mustang GT, and all are available for under $5,000. However, that doesn't include labor, so hopefully you're handy with tools or have friends to maybe pitch in on the install.

If kept at boost levels from 7 to 9 pounds and the tune is right, these kits won't reduce the life of your engine or make it any less reliable. Furthermore, any of these kits are sure to put a smile on your face for weekend drives.

Virgin of the Month

Sound Advice

Q: What would you recommend as the most aggressive-sounding axle-back exhaust for an '11 Mustang 5.0 ... both for a person going all out, and also on a budget?

Dave Cruz
Melbourne, FL

A: More and more shows have an exhaust “rapping” contest of some sort, especially if said event is void of a dragstrip or open-track venue. It seems to draw a crowd at each venue we've supported, so there is a market for loud exhausts.

Most exhaust manufacturers have an aggressive muffler, just like they have a “street” design that's designed to provide quieter operation. Generally, every exhaust manufacturer offers two to three different muffler designs to meet the demands of all customers. That way, if someone wants a more discreet muffler, the company has one. Or for someone who wants an aggressive-sounding muffler, that is available as well. And note that most manufacturers have different price points for their muffler designs.

While every manufacturer has an aggressive sounding axle-back for your '11 Mustang GT, you have to decide what sound you want. Thankfully, most of the exhaust manufacturers have YouTube channels to help.

Besides mufflers, you need a pair of long-tube headers and an off-road H-pipe or X-shape crossover pipe. All the above will make sure your GT is heard and seen wherever you go.