Bob Perkins
September 12, 2014

Motorcraft Battery Judging

I had trouble in the Concours class with my Motorcraft battery I purchased from Ed Meyer. The judges did not like the Motorcraft battery in my ’72 Sprint Mustang. They felt is should be an Autolite group 24 battery. I had previously talked to you about this battery. Can you give clarification for future MCA Concours judging? This is the green top with clear case battery.

Bill Johnson
Seattle, WA

In the summer of 1971 Ford introduced a new line of Motorcraft brand batteries called “Low Maintenance.” These batteries replaced the OEM black case Motorcraft battery. These new batteries had a clear case with a green top, red top, or gold top (two-, three-, and five-year warranty, respectively). The fill system incorporated two rectangular fill caps with three ports each. By 1974 this became the OEM-style battery in the Mustang. An original would be Concours correct for ’72-’73 Mustangs in Trailered Concours classes. This battery would be a 50 percent credit in the Thoroughbred class for ’72-’73 Mustang.

Correct Clamps

There seems to be some confusion on the correct Wittek clamp number that secures the anti-back fire valve to the smog pump adjusting bracket on a Boss 429. I have been told by several parts vendors the correct clamp number is 69. I recently looked at an unrestored survivor and it had a number 30 Wittek clamp. I have also observed a number 30 on a few cars you have restored. What is the correct clamp and correct finish?

Name Withheld

The correct Wittek clamp for ’69-’70 Boss 429 is a number 30. The correct finish is clear galvanized. The number 69 Wittek clamp is a current replacement number for the original number 30 used in the ’60s and ’70s. The number 30 is a rare find! It is also used on 429 SCJ engines to attach the anti-back fire valve to the smog adjuster bracket.

8V Induction Find

I found this intake at a local flea market. The guy was an old drag racer. He said this was a rare 428 CJ intake manifold? What do I have here?

John Lewis
Oklahoma City, OK

You have what was called a Mickey Thompson power ram FE intake manifold. This was a high-performance 8V induction quite popular in late ’60s. This intake does require a special distributor extension. This extension can be made using a donor FE-type distributor. A rare find indeed!

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