Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 3, 2014

Out of Reach

Ford seems to have designed my '14 Mustang convertible for taller people. When I move my seat far enough forward for me to be able to fully depress the clutch, I'm almost on top of the steering wheel. Who makes pedal extenders for the Mustang?

Gary Evans
Via the Internet

We feel your pain Gary and wonder why Ford hasn't added the electric adjustable pedal setup from their other vehicle lines to the Mustang yet. As far as we know it's not going to be part of the 2015 options either. It is recommended by the NHSTA that a driver be positioned at least 10 to 12 inches from the steering wheel and its airbag. That said, there are a few options to get you seated safely.

If your main issue is clutch pedal engagement/disengagement you might consider the EZ Clutch bolt-on clutch pedal extension from Bondra Performance Engineering, shown here installed. The EZ Clutch extension simply bolts over your existing pedal (in a clamshell configuration) and then you reinstall the clutch pedal pad onto the EZ Clutch extension for a very OE fit and look. The EZ Clutch can be used on the Mustang's brake pedal as well (on manual trans–equipped cars), as the pedal is the same shape. You can check out Bondra Performance Engineering's website at or call them at (586) 747-3000 for more details on the EZ Clutch.

A second option, if you're having trouble reaching all three pedals, is a bolt-on pedal extension from Creative Controls Inc. Their lines of PedalMates are available for gas, brake, and even clutch pedals and are fully adjustable for height and reach. Contact Creative Controls Inc. at (800) 539-7237 or visit its website at for full details on its PedalMates line.

Lock 'em Up

I have an '88 GT hatchback, and my driver-side door lock is really hard to turn with the key and won't work with the power door lock button at all. I'd like to fix this issue before I break the key off in the door lock and it turns into a bigger problem. Is there any way to add the factory Ford keyless entry system as well? My wife's '09 V-6 convertible has it and I would love to have it on my Fox GT. Thanks for any help!

Bruce Davis
Via the Internet

What you are experiencing Bruce is the power door lock actuator has seized due to moisture intrusion. Over the years, the protective weather boot over the door lock actuator fails, allowing moisture into the actuator and locking it up. This makes the door lock hard to turn with the key. You could replace the actuator, but frankly the design of the OE actuator leaves much to be desired. Ford, like many OEs, has gone to a plastic rack-and-pinion design actuator on newer cars with a much longer lifespan. Our recommendation would be for you to replace the stock actuators with an aftermarket rack-and-pinion style actuator. This does require some light fabrication to mount the actuators, but nothing a handy wrench can't handle. Even better, you can pick up a door lock kit with integral keyless entry, like the Electric-Life kit shown here, and have your push-button keyless entry just like your wife's convertible. Check out the remote keyless entry power door lock kits from Electric-Life at or call (800) 548-2168 to find your nearest dealer or installer.

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