Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 12, 2014

SN-95 Project

I have a neighbor trying to find out where to find buyers for her '94 Mustang that needs some work. She would hate to see it sold for scrap if an enthusiast is in need of such a car for a project of their own. She does not have access to a computer, so I'm trying to help her find a buyer. Some advice as to what she can do would be helpful, thanks!

Jan Cormany
Tavares, FL

The early '94-'95 SN-95 Mustangs can be a great foundation for a project vehicle. I'd personally love to build one into a Saleen clone with a modern Coyote/six-speed swap with '03 Cobra IRS, but no budget in the Houlahan checkbook right now for such a build. I suggest your neighbor check with their nearest Mustang club, which appears to be the Mid-Florida Mustang Club based out of Orlando. Unfortunately, they do not list any mailing address or contact number on their website. As a good neighbor, perhaps you could email the club president (contact info can be found at on your neighbor's behalf and get a phone number for her to reach out to with details on the Mustang. This way the club can help find a new owner for the Mustang, and potentially a new club member as well!

No Go Odo

I have a '98 Mustang and the small motor that updates the mileage is not working. It is on the back of the instrument cluster. I checked at my local Ford dealer but no part number is available. Do you know of some place I can get one without having to buy the whole cluster?

John Johnson
Via the Internet

Have you verified it is indeed the odometer worm gear motor that is bad in your case John? We ask because the '94-'98 Mustang gauge cluster is notorious for early failure of the odometer worm and driven gears. It only takes about 10 minutes to pull the gauge cluster from the dash, and then you can easily remove the odometer worm gear motor from the rear of the cluster and inspect the gears. You can order new gears from Latemodel Restoration ( We're betting the gears are the issue here, however, if you really do need a new odometer worm gear motor your best bet is someone like MPS Auto Salvage ( where you can pick up a good used cluster or possibly individual cluster parts.

S197 Paint Blisters

I'd like to see a "how-to" article on fixing the massive problem with the aluminum hood contaminated with iron particles that's causing paint blisters on '05 and up Mustangs. My '07 just started to exhibit this unfortunate problem and Ford won't guarantee the $750 repair. They also want $2,600 for a replacement hood and won't guarantee that hood is free from the defect. Checking the Internet reveals this is a huge problem with S197 Mustangs and a number of other Ford models. As much as I want to keep my '07 original, I may be forced to use an aftermarket fiberglass hood.

John Clark
Via the Internet

The increasing use of aluminum in vehicles to save weight is certainly a big concern in the automotive refinishing aftermarket. As vehicles use specialty alloys like high-strength steel, aluminum, and so on the repair procedures become extremely critical in ensuring the vehicle is repaired properly and the paint finish adheres as it should and lasts. Ferrous metal contamination of aluminum is probably the biggest problem of all these different alloys. Many body shops we've spoken with will not repair a damaged aluminum panel and opt to simply replace it, realizing they do not have the proper facilities to prevent contamination. Now considering a big OEM like Ford should have the most high-tech spray and cleaning equipment this side of NASA it's a bit disappointing that Ford has had such a large issue with the S197 hoods and has done so little to make customers happy. As long as the hood is not damaged our recommendation is to refinish the hood you have by seeking out a specialty/high-end refinisher who is extremely familiar with working on aluminum body panels.

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