Bob Perkins
July 4, 2014

What's the Scoop?

Hi Bob. I need some help identifying the correct paint details for a '69 Boss 429. Is the front inside of the '69 Boss 429 hood scoop painted with blackout or is it body color? What about the air flap inside the scoop that opens, is it black or body color?

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Via the Internet

The entire scoop is painted body color while the flap is painted black. The flap is assembled in the scoop prior to the scoop receiving its body color painting. The flap and rod have body color overspray due to this. I have provided a picture of an original white Boss 429 hood scoop for reference. Notice the flapper when closed is nearly all black, while when open it is mostly white.

Canadian Paperwork

I have a '70 Boss 302 Mustang that was delivered to RIchelieu Ford Sales LTEE Lachine Que Canada. I saw a '70 Mustang Sports Roof at an indoor car show in Toronto recently that was sold at the same dealer. This car had very good paperwork on it. It had a special folder to hold the warranty card inside. I have never seen this before! Are you familiar with this? Do you know if this is reproduced?

Pat Manley
Oakfield, Ontario,Canada

I believe the folder you are referring to is the Canadian version Quality Car Care booklet. In the back cover is a pocket to hold the warranty card. The card can be slid up to read the ID plate without removing the warranty card from the booklet. In my opinion this is a very neat booklet to have in your owner's manual packet. I have provided a couple of photos. I do not believe there is a reproduction of this booklet.

Blue Or Bare?

Bob, I recently had my Boss 351 carburetor restored. I need a carb ID tag to finish off the restoration of it. I understand the Boss 351 had a blue colored ID tag affixed to the carburetor rather than the usual bare aluminum? Is this fact or fallacy? I can get an aluminum tag reproduced, but not sure what the blue tag is all about.

Jeffrey Dettmering
Houston, TX

The Boss 351 car tag is blue anodized aluminum. I have enclosed a picture for reference. You may have to get the tag anodized on your own after you get it reproduced. The picture should give you all the information you need.

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