Yo Ken Tech Q And A June 2014 Ken
Ken Miele
May 2, 2014

Stock Mach

I love the magazine; I'm a long-time reader and subscriber. I've had several Mustangs, mostly Fox-bodies, from stockers to a supercharged 347. I just bought an '04 Mach 1 that is all stock with 70,000 miles. What mods work well on this car? I can't find past issues where you guys have tested or really modded any of these. I would like some help with what parts work best.

Steve Broglin
Garden City, Michigan

Steve, as with all NA mod motors, they benefit from the same modifications. Short of a going with a supercharger, a quality tune should be your first mod. A set of 4.10 gears will really give your Mach 1 that seat-of-the-pants feel in performance. An after-cat exhaust will help, but the gains are small, as are cold-air intake kits and intake spacers.

There are more gains to be had if you don't mind getting deeper into the engine. Cams will give you a good boost in power, but parts and labor add up quickly. If your budget is tight, go with a tune and gears. If you have extra in your budget, the supercharger is the best way to go for maximum power.

Wrong Blower

I have been building my '95 Cobra on a budget (mainly because my wife doesn't like the idea). I have run into a dilemma. I bought a Kenne Bell 1.5L supercharger for it, thinking the GT-40 manifold would fit. Come to find out, the only one that will fit the GT-40 lower intake is the 2.1L Flowzilla system. It has a different bolt pattern to the compressor, and the GT-40 intake won't work with the old 1.5L compressor.

I need some help in a big way. Is the GT intake too small? Should I try to find a better intake? Do I need to find a machine shop to try to make the GT-40 intake work? Maybe I should get the Flowzilla manifold and have a machine shop help me with that. My biggest concern is the lower intake manifold for the GT HO will be too constricting for my Cobra engine.

My main goal on this build is much better street performance. Due to the fact that my dad bought the '07 Shelby, I have been shooting for about 400 hp or so. My last dyno was 222 rwhp. It breathes really well right now and I love it, but it just needs a few more ponies.

Brian Falk
Gold Bar, Washington

Brian, the Kenne Bell 1.5L supercharger will not work on the GT-40 intake, and machining would not be an option. You would need to fabricate an adapter, which is not cost affective. The HO intake will make good power and for your build it will work just fine—400-plus horsepower is well within reach with the right cam and heads.

Stroker Shopping

I have an '87 Mustang GT, and I want to build a 347 stroker. I need the 347 stroker kit, but I want a forged steel crank, forged steel H-beam rods, and forged pistons. Does anyone know where I can buy a kit like that?

Doug Watkins
Via the Internet

Doug, check out DSS Racing (www.dssracing.com). It has complete stroker kits with forged steel components and forged rods, and can also customize your stroker kit. Stroker kits are also available from Eagle (www.eaglerod.com). If you know what you want and are familiar with engine assemblies, Eagle also has all forged components to fit your needs.

Corner Carver

I have an '88 LX hatch 5.0L with a T-5 transmission. I'm looking to install a GT-40 upper and lower intake that I have lying around, and I'm wondering what cam and heads combo could be done on a budget to complement the intake.

Also, I live up in the mountains and we have an abundance of awesome curvy roads. What tires are good for cornering and max traction? Should I stagger wheel/tire size or run the same all four corners? I was looking at 17x8 up front and 17x9 in the rear for wheel sizes, but haven't purchased anything yet. I do have access to a fender roller if needed.

Kyle Adams
Zionville, North Carolina

Kyle, I like to stick with FRPP when I can. Its “X” heads PN M-6049-X307 works great with the GT-40 intake and are a great value when you're on a tight budget. The B303 cam also works great with the “X” heads and GT-40 intake. Those few mods will easily give you a 75-plus- horsepower increase.

The 17x8 for the fronts and the 17x9 for the rears will work great with a 245/45-17 up front and 275/40-17 for the rear. Take a look at Nitto's NT05 tire for an all-around great performing street tire. It gives the Fox-bodies a good look, and they handle great. Remember, if you are really into tearing up the curves, shocks and struts are the number one upgrade for any canyon carver.

Stock vs. Shorty

My '95 Cobra has a set of shorty equal-length headers with a bung on the passenger side top. They almost look like a set of BBKs, but certainly do not look like the stock headers that I have found on my Fox cars. Can anyone enlighten me as to what the stock setup should be?

Mike Murdochdemers
Via the Internet

Mike, the stock shorty headers have a bung for the EGR on the left side. A quick way to tell if they are factory is to look at the tubes close to the flange. If the tubes have large dimples on both sides where the header bolts are, then they are factory. Typical aftermarket headers, whether they are the shorty type or long-tube, will have much less dimple on both sides of the header for access to the header bolts. It is very noticeable.