Bob Perkins
May 29, 2014

1969 Cobra Jet Front Shocks

What is the correct engineering number for the heavy duty front shocks for a ’69 428 CJ Mach 1? I’d also like to know what the correct paint daub color is that should be on these front shocks. I’m pretty sure orange is the correct daub color for the rear shocks for a four-speed application?

Marcus (last name withheld)
Dearborn, MI

The correct engineering number for the ’69 Mustang heavy duty front shocks is C9ZF-108045-C1. The paint daub color code is white. You’re correct that the rear shocks for heavy duty four-speed cars use an orange paint daub. I have enclosed a picture of an original assembly line correct front shock showing the white paint daub at the base of the shock body.

Boss 429 Manifolds

I have a ’69 Mustang Boss 429 and I’m looking for some exhaust manifolds. Do you know any place I would be able to purchase them from for a Boss car? Reproductions are ok, if available.

Jerry (last name withheld)
Charleston, South Carolina

You can purchase the reproduction exhaust manifolds for the Boss 429 from the folks at National Parts Depot (NPD). Check out their 2014 edition classic Mustang parts catalog. You will find the Boss 429 manifolds on page 149 in the catalog under pat number 9430-16A. They include the correct casting numbers but do not include the Ford logo. NPD also offers the correct Ramp-Lok exhaust manifold bolt sets for these manifolds as well under part number 9432-14A. Your nearest NPD location is their North Carolina facility and the phone number to contact them there is (704) 331-0900, or (800) 368-6451 toll free.

Ford’s Six- Cylinder Vanity Plate

I have a ’66 Mustang hardtop with the inline-six engine. It is also a limited edition Sprint model. I’m looking for a factory vanity plate for this car. I have been told Ford made a special vanity plate promoting the six-cylinder Mustang? Maybe had a smoking pistol in the picture? Any advice on what this looked like?

Richard (last name withheld)
San Diego, CA

Ford did make a very cool vanity plate promoting the six-cylinder Mustang. The plate has a picture of a smoking colt six-shooter on it. The slogan at the top of the vanity plate states “Only Six hotter than Mustang’s.” I have provided a picture of the vanity plate.

Autolite Logos

My friend has a ’66 Mustang 289 Hi-Po. He was reading somewhere that the original 1966 spark plugs, Autolite BF32s, were supposed to have a star logo on the plug? He has several sets of original BF32s and there is no star logo. They say Autolite BF32 Powertip. What’s the scoop on these star plugs?

Jerry Miller
Via the Internet

The difference in the logos on the plugs is a result of a trademark update. Ford phased out of the star logo and replaced with the Ford GT40 logo in late 1966, resulting in changes shortly there afterwards. By 1968 most Autolite spark plugs no longer carried the star logo on the plugs. I have enclosed two pictures of the star vs. Powertip version of the spark plugs. The early style “star” plugs are a pretty rare find today.

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