Bob Perkins
April 29, 2014

Let us hear from you.

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Wax On—Wax Off

I recently found a really mint Rotunda dust cloth container at our local swap meet. Mint can, missing the wax treated cloth. I seem to recall the cloth had a Ford or Rotunda logo on them? Is this true or am I mistaken?

John Pavlons
Via the Internet

Your memory is correct! The Rotunda cloth had a red Rotunda logo on it. The later '68-'70 cloths had the Ford logo on them. I have enclosed a picture of the red Rotunda cloth.

Correct Firewall Grommets

Do you have a good picture of the correct choke and air cable grommet that goes through the firewall? I was told there is a Ford part number or logo on it?

Dave Parrish
Via the Internet

The original grommet for the choke and air cables is indeed a rare find! I have enclosed a picture for reference. I wish I had extras! Hard to see when installed, however a cool detail for a killer restoration.

More on Merch

Hey Bob could you send me a picture of the '66 Ford merchandising book cover, maybe a '65 cover photo also. I would like to purchase a book, but not really sure what it looks like. I have '66-'68 Ford Mustang showroom banners and am looking for a '65, but not sure what it looked like. Thanks!

Mark Schramm
Via the Internet

I have enclosed a few pictures of the 1965 and 1966 merchandising books. Good luck locating them, as they have become a rare find! You may want to contact Rick Radtke at (414) 762-6711. Rick has the largest inventory of Ford literature that I'm aware of. Ford, Mustang and Shelby are his focus.

K-Code Cams

I was hoping you could help me with my current engine restoration. My father bought this '65 K-code fastback in June 1965 and we are currently rebuilding the engine. We are trying to keep everything original and we are having an issue with the camshaft and lifters. The cam lobes seem fine but I noticed a few of the lifters appear to have some wear. Is it possible to reuse the existing cam and lifters? Could we use aftermarket lifters only with the factory cam? Do you have any suggestions? I appreciate any advice you can give me.

Jerry (last name withheld)
Via the Internet

We always use a new cam and lifters. The N.O.S. Ford Hi-Po cam and lifters are fairly common. I would not take the chance of problems later on. The Ford Part number for the Cam is C30Z-6250-B and the lifters are C30Z-6500-A.