2012 Ford Mustang Front View
KJ Jones Senior Technical Editor
February 23, 2014

Total Retard

Q I have an ’01 Mustang GT with pretty much stock everything. When I had the engine out, I tried checking the cams to see if they were degreed properly. I know 114 degrees is supposed to be the intake centerline (for stock Two-Valve cams), but I got 111 as the driver-side measurement. Before I go any further with it, please confirm, should I advance this driver-side cam by 2 degrees (to 113) or should I retard it? I’m using Trick Flow’s adjustable crank gears, which can only be moved in 2-degree increments.

Name Witheld
Via the Internet

A Think of the adjustment as going backward to go forward. You’ll have to retard the camshaft by 2 degrees in order to achieve a 113-degree intake centerline. However, engine builders we consulted say Two-Valve engines perform best with stock camshafts degreed with 110-degree ICLs. With this being the case, your best move is to leave the driver-side cam at 111, and ensure the other camshaft is at or as close to 111 as possible.

Slippers for Sleeper

Q I’m looking for the name of the company that can widen the stock Fox wheels. I saw it in a buildup that was in one of the past issues, but I cannot seem to find it.

Fred Sleeper
Shirley, MA

A Project Cheaper Sleeper’s drag-race footwear includes a set of stock wheels that have been narrowed (front by 2 inches) and widened (rear by 1 inch). Gary Stevens at Pico Wheel & Tire of Van Nuys, California, handles such modifications. Gary can be reached at picowheel@gmail.com.

Virgin of the Month

Foggiest Idea

Q I just purchased a previously owned ’12 Mustang GT. The car is awesome. My first Ford ever, and I’ve been driving for more than 40 years.

I’m trying to figure out how everything works on the vehicle, and I can’t find how to turn on the foglights. I can’t find a separate switch, and unfortunately, nothing in the documents tells me how to work the foglights (unless I’m just blind and didn’t see it). I know this is a novice question, but I appreciate your help.

Jameson Drajek
Concord, NH

A Welcome to the Mustang Nation. To turn on your Pony’s foglights, pull the headlight switch toward you (when the lights are on).