Bob Perkins
March 9, 2014

Spinner Hubcaps

I have a '66 Mustang hardtop that has been restored for the Driven Concours class in the Mustang Club of America judged shows. I would like to upgrade to the optional spinner wheel covers for '66. I have seen two versions used on '65-'66 Mustangs. What is the correct version (with part number) for the '66 Mustangs?

Bill Hess
Via the Internet

The optional '66 spinner wheel cover, part number C6ZZ-1130-B, looks the same as the standard '66 wheel cover with the exception of the added spinner. It's my favorite Mustang wheel cover!

Driveshaft Paint Stripes

Do you have the correct driveshaft paint stripe colors and locations for a '66 Mustang with the 289 High Performance engine and C4 automatic transmission?

Bart Briggs
Via the Internet

From front to rear, the typical stripe colors are off-white (approximately two inches wide and approximately 10 inches from the front of the shaft), yellow (two inches wide and approximately 18 inches from the rear of the shaft), and green (two inches wide and eight inches from the end of the shaft toward the rear end).

'66 Banner

I enjoy collecting Mustang promotional items. Did Ford offer a '66 Mustang showroom banner to the Ford dealerships? I have seen a '65 Mustang dealer banner on eBay but cannot seem to locate one for '66.

Dennis Connor
Via the Internet

Yes, Ford did offer a '66 Mustang showroom banner (see photo below). A great source for researching Ford showroom items is the Ford merchandise book, which was supplied to dealers each year. The books are also pretty hard to find, but they do often show up at larger swap meets, such as Carlisle, and on eBay.

Open House

Since SAAC-39 will be in your backyard at Road America on May 15-17, can we expect a Perkins Restoration open house like you did in 1987?

Name withheld by request

You bet! We will have an open house and Brat Fest on Thursday, May 14. Should be a fun week!

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