Resto Roundup 1967 Ford Mustang
Bob Perkins
January 28, 2014

'67 Grille Color
Please set the record straight on whether the front grille on '67 Mustangs should be painted blue/silver or some version of black. I used the blue/silver and it works very well with my Brittany Blue Mustang. However, most '67s I see have black grilles that work very well with red and black cars. Is it true that all factory '67s were built with the blue/silver regardless of model, build date, assembly plant, or exterior color? I also heard that Ford's service replacement grilles were painted black.

You know my next question: What is the correct paint formula for either the blue/silver or black?

Tom Mech
Lancaster, NY

The factory grille color for the '67 Mustang is Blue Metallic. I've included a photo of an unrestored, very original '67 Mustang grille. I believe later Ford service grilles were painted black. However, they are not concours correct.

National Parts Depot sells the '67 grille paint in aerosol as part number AP-GPC.

Cleveland or Windsor
My mother recently purchased a '69 Grande with a 351 Cleveland engine. She was told that the car is numbers matching. But I've heard that the 351 Cleveland didn't come out in the Mustang until '70, although I've also heard that some late production '69 Mustangs came with the Cleveland when the factories ran out of 351 Windsors. I'm curious to know if it was possible for a '69 Mustang to have a factory-installed 351 Cleveland.

Davis Ellis
Via the Internet

Not likely. The 351 Cleveland was not used in Mustangs until the '70 model year. Check the assembly date on your mother's engine and it will be after the car's build date. The 351 Cleveland was commonly used as a replacement engine for '69 Mustangs, especially during the 1970s when Clevelands were easy to find in salvage yards.

N.O.S. Wiring
I am restoring a '66 Mustang convertible and have removed all of the old wiring harnesses, including the underdash harness with the fuse box. Where can I find high-quality original wiring harnesses?

Andrew Newman
Columbia, MD

New-Old-Stock '66 Mustang wiring is a rare find these days. If you do find an NOS underdash wiring harness, it will be very expensive. Websites like eBay are probably the best places to find NOS wiring. The '66 Mustang underhood harness, C6ZZ-14290-B, and engine feed harness, C6ZZ-14289-B, were still serviced by Ford well into the late 1990s, so there are still some out there. The underdash and trunk harnesses have been obsolete for over 30 years.

As an option, there are good reproductions available from the major Mustang parts suppliers.

Original vs. Repro Body
I would like to get your feedback on the pros and cons of either rebuilding my Mustang GT convertible's body or using a new reproduction body. I purchased the car in 1974 before prices started to increase. It has spent its entire life in the rusty Detroit area. The body condition is rough – the rocker panels are completely rusted out, the inner rockers have rust holes, and the floorpan outer edges were rusted so bad in the 1970s that I welded sheetmetal to the inner rockers. The outer wheel housings, inner fenders, torque boxes, and lower trunk floor are also rusted. I have replacement quarter panels, trunk floor side panels, inner wheel housings, rear taillight panel, and left inner front fender that I purchased from a Ford dealer in the 1970s.

I have also been told that the fit and finish of the new reproduction bodies is not that good, which would concern me because anyone with a good eye could detect that it is a new body.

I do not plan to show the car in competition. I plan to drive it occasionally but not as a daily driver.

Mark Johnson
Via the Internet

It is my opinion that you should restore the original unibody. You have most of the key components as NOS Ford parts—quarters, trunk floors, wheel housings, and inner fenders. I think it will be very rewarding to know that you saved the original car rather than using a reproduction body. I would also suggest that you locate the other sheetmetal as original, rust-free parts. Your GT convertible should be a very cool car when finished!

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